Saturday October 24th 2020

mercury retrograde is upon us! mercury has been in his shadow since september 14th when he passed over 16/17 libra which is the degree mercury will backtrack to during his retrograde phase. the front end shadow gives us a preview of what is to come- so looking back over the experiences and occurrences of the last couple of weeks can be incredibly insightful.

this coming saturday- october 4th- mercury will station retrograde at 2’18 scorpio. he will only stay in this deep, intense passionate sign for about a week. on october 10th he will backtrack into airy, relationship-oriented libra where he will stay for the remainder of his inward/downward journey.

this week as mercury transits the first few degrees of scorpio- our communication is getting deeper, more intense and more penetrating. the desire to get to the core of issues and to the Source of problems is the dominant energy when it comes to thinking and communicating. mercury is triggering the solar eclipse degree this week (the solar eclipse is exact on 10/23)- so major insights and aha moments about the major new chapters, even volumes, set to be written in our lives are present right now. all you need to do is pay attention- and look beyond the surface of things to get to the Truth.

the defining factor of this mercury retrograde journey is a series of alignments mercury makes with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth. on september 16th, october 20th and october 30th mercury will cojoin the north node. what makes this even more significant is the fact that the sun and venus also align with the north node in october (october 12th and 14th respectively)- so there is a HUGE evolutionary push for us all when it comes to libran themes of relationship, balance, give and take, self and other. wherever libra is in your chart is a very significant arena of growth for you right now! (check the weekly horoscopes for more information)

with all the north node energy- it is really important that we pay attention to the new contacts, communications, information and revelations that come into our lives. huge pushes towards our future are happening right now, but in order to embrace this and work with it we have to be conscious of the pulls to the past and old karmic patterns that no longer serve our evolution (personally and collectively).

to get a clear picture of this mercury retrograde journey and the month of october that it unfolds in- we cannot forget to look at the eclipse portal opening up for us and taking us on the ride of a lifetime! the total lunar eclipse on october 4th is the 2nd in a series of 4 total lunar eclipses that span from 2014-2015. when eclipses are total they are more intense, powerful and transformative. this total lunar eclipse is conjunct uranus and square pluto- with both the moon and uranus being at their closest to earth in their respective orbits. all of this amounts to a very exciting, sudden, unexpected series of events that will unfold this month- with the sole purpose of catapulting us further down our evolutionary path of growth and destiny.

the solar eclipse on october 23rd is also incredibly powerful. the sun/moon conjunction is in the first degree of scorpio- a place that mercury is currently at right now- and it is also conjunct venus, also at the very first degree! the first degree of any sign signals a major new chapter, even volume, being written in our lives. this is new territory and our ability to fully move into it is predicated on our ability to let go of/release the karmic past (which is what the total lunar eclipse will help us do).

so to have mercury going into the Underworld in the background of such a potent month only serves to add more fuel to the transformational fire (or more air in the underwater journey tank?). with nodal axis being ruled by the Divine Lovers (venus and mars)- and with mercury aligning with both from october 16th to the 19th- there is a HUGE push for evolution and transformation in relationships of all kinds, but also in masculine/feminine dynamics that unfold in our relationships, in our inner lives and in our collective experience.

mercury will station direct again on october 25th, and will not leave his backend shadow until november 10th. the first aspect mercury makes after he passes this shadow is a trine to neptune- which speaks to the mystical, intuitive and inspirational capacity of this mercury retrograde journey. if we are ready, willing and able to navigate our deepest, darkest shadows- we can come out the other end not only aware of where we trip ourselves up (in relationship, in life), but also aware of our brightest Light and potential that only truly gets anchored into when we know, own and integrate our shadow AND our Light.

blessings on your deep sea/Soul journeys this month!

~divine harmony

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