Saturday April 4th 2020

we have been in the front end shadow of mercury retrograde since 10/11. it’s a potent Underworld journey of the messenger in the sign of the Underworld and stationing on all hallow’s eve!

the new moon in scorpio 4 days before is lunar samhain- with solar samhain occurring on november 7th. we are heading into the dark half of the year when the year is conceived of as light and dark halves. when the year is looked in terms of the 8fold cycle of solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter points- we are heading into the darkest time of the solar cycle, which i like to call the dark of the sun. it is a POTENT TIME!

i filmed an FB live about mercury retrograde and in true front end shadow of mercury fashion the first 4 minutes i am filming with the image sideways. as a full time working mama i don’t have time to refilm so it will have to do ;) if you want a heads up on this deep dive take a listen at the link below.

i also have a podcast out about scorpio and samhain season which can be found here-

and more information on my upcoming webinar on the ASTROLOGY OF 2020 can be found here-

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