Thursday December 5th 2019

mars and the dark feminine…

it is always interesting for me to observe my clients week to week and see the synchronicities that occur. there is a facinating dance between the astrology of the moment and the people who have readings scheduled with me. of course this makes sense- since everything down here is mirrored in the stars and vice versa!

this week has been fascinating as there have been two huge themes that have dominated all my client consultations. one of these themes that most of my clients this week have had is the journey of healing/embracing/expressing the masculine. the different ways this has shown up (and this may be a bit technical for you) has included mars retrograde, aires interecepted in a house, saturn in aries, chiron in aries, chiron square mars, mars in the 12th house, and aries showing up on the descendant. most of my clients this week had 3 or more of the indicators above- showing a dominant theme around mars/aries energy.  with all of these above placements part of the journey is going to involve coming into balance with the masculine and learning to assert the self, take a stand, speak up, say no and set boundaries. with wounded mars there is a tendency to placate, stuff anger, be passive aggressive, allow people to walk all over you, and not do the things one needs to do to take care of themselves energetically, emotionally and physically.  with nearly all of my clients this week this theme of masculine healing has come up in one form or another.

the other major theme that has dominated this week has been around the dark feminine- a particular passion of mine. it always makes me laugh when i schedule a reading with someone and when i finally look at their chart they have ALL of the indicators of the dark feminine (algol, black moon lilith, dark moon lilith, asteroid lilith) prominently placed. of course they felt called to have a reading with me!!!  it makes me laugh (on the inside) even more if they have never heard of the dark feminine because i know after our reading they will totally know who she is wonder why they have never heard about such an integral part of themself explained in a way that made total sense to them and their journey in this life. the dark goddess/dark feminine theme seems to follow me since i have her all over my chart and i am quite passionate about her- yet she has been showing up even more lately. i think this is interesting in light of the other theme arising this week relating to mars.

the dark feminine and the masculine have an interesting relationship. they both represent our powerful, intense and willful side. the dark feminine does it in more feminine, internal ways and mars tends to do it with more fire, yang and external focus- yet they both (in their healed, whole forms) don’t have an issue speaking up, taking a stand and dealing with reality. the astrology right now is powerful and we are just coming off of the mars activation of the uranus/pluto square as well as a new moon square saturn. mars’ role in this activation was to light the fire under our butts to get us moving with the change/evolution/transformation we need to get busy dealing with in our lives. the new moon square saturn is a reminder of what needs to be let go of before new growth can come in.  it is also a reminder of our personal responsibility in everything that has been created in our lives up until now and our ability to change things/alter circumstances by stepping up into our Self-mastery. with mars and the dark feminine showing up for my clients- and for the collective right now- a big theme for all of us is about how we deal with our own power, how we take action in our lives and how we live our lives with mastery and integrity.  

everything entails a balance- venus balances out mars, libra balances out aries, the light feminine balances out the dark feminine. but wherever the balance is off- the side that is missing/repressed/disconnected from is where our work lies right now.  now that uranus has squared pluto for the first time and has been fully activated by mars earlier this week- we should all have a better sense of where in our lives we need to attend to things, wake up and evolve. if you aren’t clear yet- i suggest you really take time think on it honestly. the sooner you start dealing with what needs to be dealt with the better off you will be down the road!

enjoy the ride…

~divine harmony

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