Friday September 20th 2019

mars activation of the new moon in leo!

the week starts off with dynamic and firey energy. the sun sextiles mars this afternoon, igniting the new beginnings and seeds that were planted last friday at the new moon. it’s a dynamic monday in which taking action is the order of the day!

i recently received an email from a reader who said she and her friends loved my work but i was not consistent and did not post anything on the new moon in leo so they are moving on to other astrologers. i wanted to address this publicly, in case anyone else has similar complaints.

i have members-only content and i have free content for all. the former is part of how i make my living and the latter comes out of my desire to share with everyone. the free content for all is posted very consistently. every saturday/sunday at the latest i post the weekly astrology forecast for the following week. i also post at least one astrology blog (shown on the home screen of my site) once a week as well- but i am shooting to post more. with my full time work mode and full time mommy mode it is hard to do more than i am doing now- but it is in the works so stay tuned! on top of that i have a 2012 forecast posted for all (originally it was going to be members-only content but i changed my mind) and i am now posting astrology videos that are public content as well. all of the above is free and posted consistently.

as for members-only content- the lunar insights (which would include the new moon in leo write up) are members-only content. there are times that i have posted the lunar insight on the astrology blog page when it’s a really intense/potent new moon or full moon and i felt the call to post it where more people could access it. the other members-only content includes the weekly horoscopes (the heart of my work) and the monthly astrology forecast. both of them give you information you will not get from the public content.

when i first started out as an astrologer i wrote A LOT and i did it for free. i had to earn my readership by doing the ground work. now i have a lot of readers who know my content is consistent and accurate and i now charge for certain aspects of my writing. this is my life work and it’s how i pay the bills. just because it is spiritual does not mean it should be free. there is an energy exchange for everything- and signing up for someone’s services/buying their product when you value the work they do is supporting their dharma and their contribution to the Universe.

i love what i do and i would do it for free and have done it free for quite a while until i launched this website a year ago. this love of my work can be seen in what i do and how passionate i am about it. but because i also need to pay my bills and raise my child- i need to get paid for it. if i did not have this subscriber service (along with my private astrology readings) i would need to do other work to help support myself- which would equal less time to write my blogs and horoscopes.

i want to thank all of you who visit my site and read my work and tell other people about it. i appreciate you and i have much gratitude for your support. if you have not checked out my membership service feel free to do so and try a week free!

thank you all and have a wonderful week ahead…

~divine harmony

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