Saturday October 24th 2020

this is lunar horoscope for the lunar cycle that begins with the NEW MOON IN VIRGO on august 30th and runs through the dark of the moon september 28th.

there is A LOT GOING ON THIS MONTH. the last saturn/south node conjunction, the last jupiter/neptune square, Sirius conjunct the north node, tons of earth trines, tense libra activations, a potent venus/pluto/helical rise configuration and more!

be sure to listen to both your sun sign and rising sign horoscopes as they both have information and insight for your month ahead.

these horoscopes are meant to be used in tandem with the lunar gate call for the new moon in virgo. so be sure to listen to that as well.

this month i posted both the lunar gate call and the lunar horoscopes for FREE for all to access. we are moving into such a significantly huge month that i wanted to share with all. if you find value in these calls and horoscopes you can sign up to be a member to receive future calls, horoscopes, forecasts and more via this link here-

many blessings on a very potent month ahead…


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