lunar beltane full moon in scorpio- committing to deep and lasting change!

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the full moon at 9’39 scorpio is exact on sunday april 29th 2018 at 5:58pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the fiery and activating new moon in aries conjunct uranus on april 15th. if you have not seen the lunar insight on that new moon make sure to read it- as that new moon was exceptionally potent (you can find that here- ). it was actually the true start to spring as shortly after spring equinox we had mercury station retrograde in square to saturn. this has been a very karmic time of needing to deal with the past and delays of all kinds of been part of the process. normally sun in aries/spring energy wants to initiate, make things happen and GO! yet the start to spring 2018 has been quite different (if you have not heard my spring equinox solar gate call you can still purchase it here-

so we move from a mars ruled new moon conjunct uranus the Rebel and Revolutionary to a mars/pluto ruled full moon sextile saturn. we move from activation and sudden change to anchoring and grounding ourselves in the deep change that has been unfolding. fascinatingly this full moon in scorpio comes mere days after the mars/pluto conjunction that occurred early morning april 26th. that mars/pluto alignment was POTENT. the Highest expression of these two linking is the surrendering of our lower will/lower ego to our Higher Power. amazing feats of transformation, evolution, empowerment and deep and lasting change at a core level are possible with this astrology. yet the shadow of this duo can be power struggles, massive intensity, deep shadows coming up and out and resistance to transformation by trying to remain in control of an uncontrollable situation. luckily mars was triggering jupiter earlier in the week- activating the jupiter/pluto sextile from monday to thursday leading up to this full moon on sunday. if we are ready, willing and able we can go deep this week- into our souls, our emotions, our shadows and into our past. remember jupiter in scorpio and pluto don’t care about peace, harmony and how things look on the surface. all they care about is what is real, raw, going on in the depths and what needs to be faced in order to resolved, transformed or let go of. the jupiter/pluto sextile is excellent for catharsis, colonics (literal, spiritual and emotional), purging and releasing karmic patterns that have kept us bound for perhaps lifetimes!!! this is not light astrology! but it is profound and when worked with consciously tremendously life altering.

this full moon in scorpio is lunar beltane and the beltane portal is quite tight and potent this year as lunar beltane is on april 29th and solar beltane is on may 5th. so this week long period is ripe with fertility, creativity and potential for profound Sacred Union (within and without). beltane is a festival of fertility, love, healthy and vitality! as we make our way from the solar gate of resurrection (spring) to the solar gate of ascension (summer)- this is a time to make sure our Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine are in Union and working together. as within, so without. this inner work we do for ourselves contributes to the planetary shift that is unfolding now. i will be releasing my solar gate call for beltane on may 2nd or 3rd and i am so very excited to be recording this call from the heart of beltane land itself: avalon/glastonbury england!!! this call is rich and full of astrology, mythology, ritual, shadow work and a guided meditation to help you deepen into and move through this sacred solar gate portal. if you want to sign up to get this call click here-

one of the defining features of the full moon in scorpio is the sun and moon’s link to saturn. the moon is sextile saturn and the sun is trine saturn- bringing a lovely, anchored, embodied energy to this lunation. this grounding is much needed after the new moon conjunct unexpected and chaotic uranus! that new moon initiated major change and this full moon helps you to anchor, embody and settle into the change that has/is unfolding. saturn helps us to get real and with the moon in scorpio and saturn in capricorn we have the power of perseverance and laser like focus. both in inner changes and outer changes- saturn is helping us to see what needs to be pruned and let go of for the new growth to come. scorpio is the sign of the phoenix- rising out of the ashes. people love this image but we have to remember that in order to rise out of the ashes something previously had to be completely lit on fire! capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat walking up the rocky, craggy mountain. he gets to the top but he does so in the midst of hardship, intensity and hard work. the climb to the summit is not easy. both of these signs help us stay committed to our inner work and outer work. and of course we have the jupiter/pluto sextile in the same signs- helping us to strip away illusions and dogmas and karmic patterns that keep us stuck (my auto correct spelled that karmic partners and i felt that i should also write that too!). this is an excellent lunation to face our deepest shadows and stand in the power of accountability and integrity so we can deal with what we see there!

this lunation is square the nodes of the moon- the north node of evolution and growth (or dharma) and the south node of karma and where we stay stuck. we have ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess on the north node for her 3rd and final time on april 30th- a day after the full moon. ceres has been in a very deep and intense journey since late november- she has been in the Underworld and reaching for the Light (for more on this be sure to read this week’s weekly astrology forecast as i talked about this in-depth there). ceres represents Mother Earth, the environment, mothers and children, women’s health, fertility, nurturance, nourishment and embodiment. with ceres on the north node in leo we are being called to step into greater self-Love, self-nurturing and also Love and care of Mother Earth. coming into our hearts (leo north node) and out of our heads (aquarius south node) is key. with the full moon forming a fixed grand cross with the nodes- this is a pivotal moment in time where we can move into the future and grow OR we can stay stuck in the past and keep repeating the same old karmic patterns ad nausea. think of it as a cross roads- which way will you go? the choices you make now inform the journey ahead.

when we look at the rules of this lunation- both mars and pluto- they are done with their conjunction but they are both heading to square eris the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. eris gets a bad rap. she is seen as negative and evil and bitchy. but if you study myths you are aware that a lot of powerful Goddesses had their myths re-written when patriarchal consciousness took over. Goddesses with a lot of power, magic and sexual energy were demonized, repressed and at times lost in translation. eris was one of them. eris at her core is the balancing scales of chaos and order, hate and Love, discord and harmony. she is like the justice card in the tarot- ever holding the two points in balance. when she manifests as only chaos, hate and discord it’s because the balance has been lost in the world. she highlights that which is out of integrity and out of balance- so as to show us the deep shadows that are hidden in plain sight that are holding us back from the integration and wholeness we seek within and without. so eris reveals the hidden shadows and she does so for the sake of wholeness. if there are unintegrated shadows we cannot be whole- personally or collectively. her medicine is not sweet or tasty- it’s bitter and spicy. but it is a necessary medicine as it helps to wake us up to what we have been avoiding facing and looking at.

with both mars and pluto heading to square eris- mars squares eris on may 1st (calendar beltane) while pluto does not square eris until january 2020 but this week mars is triggering that fast approaching transit- we have some powerful energy for revelation, activation and shadow coming to Light. making use of this energy wisely so that we can use it to cut through illusion, face the Truth and do the deep and lasting work of shadow work/inner work/change is key!

we cannot ignore the Dark Goddess in the full moon chart- as she is in the midst of some very powerful alignments. last week (exact ?) she aligned with mars and on may 17th she will align with pluto. we have the lower will and Higher Will activating the Dark Goddess. the potential for coming into our power, transforming and evolving is POTENT!!! yet the potential for intensity, power struggles, classes of will and the tendency to engage with others from a place of power over/power under can be strong. it’s really key that we all have a good relationship with our anger and rage and if we don’t its important to start working on it. i highly recommend the book ‘emotional intimacy’ by robert masters (my shadow work teacher) as it talks about both anger and rage in-depth and shows you how to work with these powerful emotions. our anger is our guardian of our boundaries. when we have our anger on tap we can stand up for our boundaries and relate to others without enmeshment and enabling. yet if we have a reactive, aggressive relationship to anger and rage we have walls not boundaries and we relate to others from a place of force and domination. clearly neither is going to foster healthy relationships. the Dark Goddess can help you dive deep into your relationship with anger and rage during this lunar cycle- knowing that to face and move through your anger and rage in healthy, embodied ways is to reclaim the fullness of your power.

last but not least i want to point out the chiron/juno conjunction at the aries point. i also talked about this in this week’s weekly forecast so check it out. this is a powerful alignment of the Wounded Healer with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage- at the very first degree of the entire zodiac! the aries point speaks to massive new beginnings being seeded. with juno part of this can be in regards to relationships and partnerships in our lives- and also in regard to patterns we have played out in relationships and partnerships in our lives for our entire lives (or maybe lifetimes!). chiron’s involvement is bringing to stark awareness any wounding patterns that run us in partnership. our relationship to mars/aries energy is undergoing a massive healing (but also activation of old wounds so we can see what needs to be healed)- and facing our reactivity/aggression/immaturity/control issues OR our disconnection for our anger/agency/will/healthy ego self is key. big stuff is up right now in how we do relationship! you can start a brand new chapter or even volume in your relationship history if you like. existing relationships could rise up and evolve/transform together. in other cases relationships have to be left behind in order to start on a new, healthier relationship trajectory. tuning into what is the Truth for you is key.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditations for 10 scorpio (the full moon degree) and 22 capricorn (where pluto the ruler of scorpio is). they are both poignant and insightful! can we personally and collectively face the unfaceable? can we stay with ourselves and confront the place that always stops us cold? if we are inspired by truth and driven by the need to be authentic this full moon can take us through a massive death and rebirth portal of transformation of massive proportions. stay the course by staying awake and aware of all that is arigin. don’t escape or numb out. stay embodied and here now. don’t give up before you make it out to the other side!

many blessings sent your way for a deep and transformative beltane portal! (to sign up for my beltane solar gate call click here-

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Scorpio 10 On a human nose, a wart that turns into a diamond.

You can see right in front of your eyes that we have inherited from every past an energy pattern which is destructive and debilitating. It amounts to working the negative old forms to an extreme measure. And in the face of it, this will be our undoing, just as we fear.
Spirit rewards that which is consistent into itself, that which follows it’s connection and it’s passion wherever they lead. If we have the guts to take up shadow as our obsessive form for our lives, this can lead us to a place we would never expect to go, since doubt is clouding our vision and obscuring the path ahead.
We may turn out to be onto something here, something big. By facing the unfacable, by perpetually confronting and being bound up with what we don’t like and want to be rid of, we can complete this path, fulfill it’s destiny, and not just perpetually be at the mercy of it’s agony and it’s frustration.
Everything here depends upon whether we can stay with ourselves when our own antipathy to where we are at could easily stop us cold. It’s a matter of what we feel beyond our feelings, what we believe deeper than what we profess, and what we inherit from the past.
It we actually are inspired by truth, driven by the need to be authentic, almost cauterized by the intensity of our quest to confront what is there, the entire project transmutes into it’s deep core value and becomes an infinite resource of being there for ourselves and our world. It is just a matter of cutting through enough layers and refusing to turn against our own unpopular and ornery style.
The (drama) of the karmic battle emerges eventually and always was really sparked by love and vision. Sometimes we can’t let ourselves turn away from the foul (stink) of where we’ve gone wrong, yet with a deep (Love) we support our need to go through every bit of this, even if the passage is severe and grim.

Capricorn 22 A bare altar covered with black velvet

Sometimes a surrender is asked. Previous gains, developed stature, taken-for-granted knowledge, a certain kind of authoritative stance become a lie. They pose a very great encumbrance and will be the source of much illusion if held to any further. So there is this empirical demand that the one who inherits ancestral and personal karmic powers and domains become willing to do without these and to discover what happens here when we listen to the inner call and tune out the false worldly voices.
The considerable risk is that even this sacrifice and renunciation may be too late, too partial, and therefore the erosion process will have done its work in a destructive fashion. We have to live with this possibility sometimes. Is that gesture just a formal one? Is this concession here substantive and heartfelt?
A greater power is at work behind the scenes here. That power is immense, world-shattering. It requires us to be dissected of that aspect of ourselves which stands between us and what we are called here to sense. And with relentless fury, it will not let us be.
For we are meant to be forged and fashioned into something beyond the grasp of our historical self. We are being asked to supersede the old patterns and syndromes with something which is already well on its way and just needs our blessing to fulfill its cycle of deep change here.
This is a decisive point, personally and collectively. It can go either way. There are good reasons to hold back, to hold out, to ask for better terms. Yet timing is so very crucial. Can we afford to be so sure, when we know it’s well past such considerations?
At the last moment, when everything depends upon it, the idols topple; the power-heavy way of life is suddenly gone. In its place, there is the obedient servant of the Most High.

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