Sunday July 25th 2021

in the dark of the moon…

we are in the dark of the moon right now- the time that occurs at the end of the lunar cycle before the new one begins. we have a new moon early tuesday morning (pacific time) so from now until then we are in the dark moon- a time that is ripe for endings, releasing, processing, turning within, letting go and letting God/dess.

i just posted the new moon blog under lunar insights. weekly horoscopes were supposed to get up by tonight but due to some unforseen circumstances (everyone in our house is sick- including a fussy baby, just spent several hours combing out head lice in boys, etc…) they will be posted tomorrow midday- late afternoon at the latest. thank you for understanding!

pay attention to your dreams during this dark moon- especially considering all the x-class solar flares we are having. it’s fertile ground for consciousness to erupt through ;)

good night…

~divine harmony

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