Wednesday January 26th 2022

happy solar eclipse/new moon in pisces/equinox!

happy solar eclipse/new moon in pisces! the sun is in pisces for a few more hours- at 3:45pm the sun moves into aries, marking the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and fall equinox in the south.

the equinoxes at spring and fall marks the two times of year where night and day are equal. for those of us in the north- spring equinox shows the first stirrings of life in earth after winter (that is unless you live in hawaii where it’s pretty much equal day and night all year long!). it marks the moment we move out of the darkness and into more Light- which increases each day until the summer solstice with the longest day of Light. in the south this marks the moment we move into more darkness, making our way towards the dead of winter with the longest day of night.

equinoxes are a great time to take stock of the balance of things in our lives: masculine and feminine, external and internal, giving and receiving, growth and pruning, life and death. they are also great times to tune into a deeper awareness of why it’s so important that we give each aspect of life it’s due process. to only have growth with no pruning can create overgrowth (and cancer!). to only have day without night would throw off our circadian rhythms. everything balances out in the end- what goes up, must come down. what is born eventually must die. tuning into this and giving thanks for the beauty and balance inherent in it is great to do today.

the march equinox also marks the astrological new year- as the sun moves into the first degree of aries, the first degree of the zodiac! there are many ways to celebrate the new year- and this is but one of them (the others are january 1st- calendar new year, winter solstice and the rebirth of the sun, and samhain the time where we enter into the darkest of the dark that precedes the rebirth of the sun at winter solstice).

this particular equinox is a potent portal as is marked by a total solar eclipse at 29 pisces, with the equinox following suit 13 hours later. new moon eclipses are about new beginnings- yet the 29th degree is about endings, completion and letting go of the past. in the hours from 2:36am PDT this morning (when the eclipse was exact) and 3:45pm PDT when the sun moves into aries- we are in liminal space. this is the OMEGA POINT, the ending of all endings- and then the sun shifts into the ALPHA POINT, the beginning of all beginnings.

there are major cycles ending and beginning right now! this marks the start of a new lunar cycle that is also an eclipse portal and will see us through to new moon in the last couple degrees of aries on 4/18. this also marks the start of a new 6 month or 1 year cycle- as eclipses have a 6 month window of effect on either end as well as a solar cycle related to them (it will be 365 days until the sun returns to this same place next year).

i am also reading a lot about a whole new 19 year cycle commencing. i have been doing my research on this to get a practical, scientific, astrological perspective on where this is coming from. every eclipse can harken back to 19 years before or after as eclipses come in saros cycles and are part of a family of eclipses. every 19 years an eclipse degree (plus or minus a degree or two) can repeat itself. yet this can be said for all eclipses- so in two weeks when we have the april 4th total lunar eclipse it harkens back to the april 4th lunar eclipse in 1996.

yet i did my research and there has not been a 29th degree of pisces and/or march 20th solar eclipse in centuries (there were 3 of them in 1600’s and the time before that there were 3 in the 1100’s so they space themselves out by 500 years). the next one will be in 2034- and if you do the math yes that is in 19 years. but the previous one was not 19 years ago. the last one that was close to this degree (but not exactly 29 pisces) was in 2007 (28 pisces), before that 1988 (27 pisces). 2007 is 8 years ago, 1988 is 27 years ago. so i am trying to get a grasp on what 19 year cycle people are talking about? (it is interesting to note that september 22nd 1968, 1987 and 2006) we had a total solar eclipse at 29 virgo- exactly opposite 29 pisces!) if you have more info on this please feel free to write me via my contact box on my website- as i loved to have astronomical/factual information to back up astrological and/or spiritual claims :)

regardless- this eclipse does kick off a 19 year cycle that WILL culminate with another eclipse at the same degree on march 20th 2034 and another one after that on march 20th 2053 (another 19 years later). if anything we should see this eclipse as kicking off a 38 year cycle (it will be 38 years or 19 times 2 until we see the last march 20th eclipse for the next 500 years). so from this perspective it IS commencing a new cycle- but it has nothing to do with a 19 year cycle that is ending. (but please note that the april 4th cycle DOES relate to 19 years ago when we had a lunar eclipse on april 4 1996- so there is a 19 year cycle ending, but that is in 2 weeks time.)

which ever way you look at it- this is definitely a potent new moon/eclipse/opening into a new season. the solar eclipse this morning initiated us into the eclipse portal that will unfold over the next 4 weeks. so profound energies for transformation and change are afoot! yet to fully embrace the potential inherent in them we have to be willing to leave some aspect or aspects of life behind. knowing what to carry forward and what to leave behind takes inner work, reflection and a willingness to see our own part in the dramas of the past and our own capacity and responsibility to move ourselves beyond it and into our future.

take time to do this deep work today (and this month/this year/the next 38 years)! it will be worth your while :)

~divine harmony

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