Sunday December 8th 2019

happy monday!

…happy monday! below is the astrology for today and tomorrow (tomorrow has no major aspects).
we have a very significant week of astrology right now. we are in the DARK MOON until the NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS on thursday (lunar gate/lunar insight will be up by tomorrow night- lunar horoscopes will be posted by thursday). this new moon triggers the JUPITER NEPTUNE SQUARE- which is huge and is a call to see Truth, see reality and take off the rose colored glasses and see beyond the veil of illusion/delusion/self or other deception.

at the same time we have MERCURY STATIONARY DIRECT and CHIRON STATIONARY DIRECT with both of them trining each other TWICE this week- on monday when they are both retrograde and on sunday when they are both direct. WOW! think back to 10/29 when the first MERCURY TRINE CHIRON aspect occurred. healing communication is possible but first mercury in scorpio demands we plumb the depths, face the shadows and get in touch with emotions and shadow energies running us. this is great astrology for being in therapy, for having healing/awareness expanding communications, for speaking our Truth, for listening to the Truths of others and for finding common ground.

this is a great week to cleanse your THROAT CHAKRA. if your throat chakra is out of balance you could have a hard time speaking up and expressing your Truth OR you could have a tendency to lying, manipulating with your words and being self righteous particularly in speech.

the throat chakra is the gateway between the heart (LOVE) and the 3rd eye (WISDOM). when we speak we want to be coming from a place of both Love and Wisdom, compassion and discernment, forgiveness and clarity. Wisdom without Love is cold and calculating- Love without Wisdom is a victim or a martyr. the throat chakra is the bridge between heart and 3rd eye- and chiron is the rainbow bridge between the visible planets and the invisible planets. this week we can find bridges to link seemingly separate things together. first start with your inner experience- your inner masculine and inner feminine, your heart and your mind, your compassion and your discernment. then find those bridges in your relationships with others.

because chiron is in pisces and jupiter and neptune are almost exactly square (1st one in mid january)- it’s important to not be all Love and Light right now but to be willing to see and face the shadow. luckily mercury is in scorpio- and if we work with him wisely we will plumb the depths, face and acknowledge our fears/obsessions and do the deep work of Inner Transformation available to us now.

blessed be!


monday december 3rd-
the dark of the moon commences at 5:18am PST. remember we are in the samhain portal (from samhain to winter solstice) which is the dark of the sun. right now we have the dark of the moon with the dark of the sun making for some very potent days ahead for death, loss, letting go, diving deep, facing shadow and doing the powerful work of inner transformation. also keep in mind we have some very strong neptune/pisces energy present- the sign and planet that resonates with the dark of the moon. extra mystical and dreamy- also possibly extra deceptive and illusory. navigate the darkness wisely.

at 9:53pm retrograde mercury in scorpio trines retrograde chiron in pisces and with both planets stationary (mercury goes direct on the 6th and chiron in the 8th) this aspect occurs twice in the next 7 days making it EXTRA powerful. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, revise and deal with the past. chiron is the Wounded Healer and his link to mercury makes it a great time for therapy, shadow work, deep healing communication and more. mercury in scorpio is plumbing the depths, facing shadow and dealing with what is hidden- chiron in pisces is helping us access and move through the depths of our emotions and see through illusion and self or other deception. keep in mind stationary mercury is also triggering uranus and the nodes- so while healing is possible so is sudden and unexpected things coming to Light and sudden change or shift. if you need support in terms of therapy now is the time to get it! it can do a world of good. mercury trines chiron a total of 3 times due to his Underworld journey- the first of these was on 10/29 so think back to then and what was going on to get a sense of what is coming up to be resolved/illuminated/healed this week.

tuesday december 4th-
there are no major aspects today.

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