Wednesday September 30th 2020

happy lion’s gate 8-8-19 🔥🦁🔥

happy 8/8 lion’s gate!  yesterday and today have been very powerful astrologically speaking.  yesterday we had solar lughnasadh- the precise solar alignment between summer solstice and autumn equinox (or winter and spring for those in the southern hemisphere).  we also had the sun trine jupiter yesterday early morning and today we have venus trine jupiter- the three great Lights (sun as Source of Light in our galaxy, venus/jupiter as the Lesser and Greater Benefics) in harmonious alignment bringing a lot of positivity, expansion and abundance- materially but also and more importantly spiritually.  

8-8 is the lion’s gate and it is called this because in egypt on august 8th Sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our sun- rises before the sun leading us into and through the portal of the lion.  at giza there are 3 pyramids- khufu, khafre and menkaure.  everyone focuses on the Great Pyramid khufu- but few realize it’s the middle pyramid (khafre) that is the most powerful.  the middle pyramid aligns with the sphinx- who currently has the body of a lion with the head of a pharaoh.  previous to the face being carved into a pharoah it was the head of a lioness- representing either sekhmet or tefnut.  there is a reason the sphinx was put in front of the middle pyramid and the causeway leads directly from the sphinx to the middle prymaid- not to the great pyramid (which incidentally the great pyramid was built first- likely when the sphinx was already present).  

the 3 pyramids of giza represent the 3 stars of orion’s belt- often called the 3 kings, the 3 magi, the 3 sisters or the 3 mary’s.  the belt consists of 3 stars- alnitak, alnilam and mintaka.  alnitak corresponds to khufu, alnilam with khafre and mintaka with menkaure (notice that alnitak and alnilam link to the pyramids that both start with kh- and mintaka is with the only pyramid named with an m).  alnitak means ‘the girdle”, alnilam means “the string of pearls” or “the string of sapphires” and mintaka means “the belt”.  so we see a belt and a girdle holding the string of precious jewels in the middle.  of the 3 stars- alnilam (the middle star) is the biggest and brightest but from our position on earth it looks to be the same size and brightness as the other two.  hidden in plain sight- for all to see but many miss- is the brilliance and magnitude of this star.  it is 375,000 times more briliant than our sun!  

as of yesterday we have been right smack in the middle of leo season- with the high holy day of solar lughnasadh celebrated on 8/7 (for more info on this solar gate listen to my FREE solar gate call which you can find linked below).  this gate of the sun in the sun’s sign happens a day before 8/8- when the Spiritual Sun Sirius rises (in egypt) to lead the way.  

the sun in astrology represents both the Higher Self and the ego self.  you can see this by looking at the glyph as it is a circle (totality of Self) with a dot in the middle of it (the ego/small self).  where the sun is we can reach for the Highest version of ourselves but it’s also where we can get stuck in the small self and ego traps.  from a depth psychological perspective ego is not bad.  it’s meant to be a container for Spirit and Soul and help us move about in the world with healthy boundaries and sense of self.  no ego means no boundaries.  boundaries are healthy!  but ego gets out of hand constantly and so ego often is expressed in very unhealthy ways.

to have Sirius rise before the sun is the Spiritual Sun of our sun opening a gateway.  this was historically the time the nile would flood (that does not happen anymore as they have controlled the nile river with the construction of the aswan dam).  what is EXTRA POTENT about this particular heliacal rise of Sirius in 2019 is that we are heading to the north node/Sirius conjunction in september (9/7 mean node, 9/25 true node) which is a rare once in 19 years occurrence that is super significant spiritually.  truly destiny’s gate is opening- and it up to use to walk through it!

what you may not be aware of is that the heliacal rise of sirius is different based on the latitude and elevation of the place you are at.  for those in ojai california (where i live) we have heliacal rise on 8/11 at 4:53am (please note i said 8/12 previously but forgot to account for elevation).  for those in big sur it’s 8/14, for mt shasta it’s 8/16, for seattle it’s 8/26.  there’s a great calculator where you can find the heliacal rise for where you live which i have included below. please note you put the latitude in the format of 34.2653 (not 34N26’53) and you have to put the meters at which your elevation is (not feet).  keep the other settings as they are and after inputting your locational info you will get the heliacal rise of sirius at your location.  

so yes there is a sun/sirius alignment today when you talk about the rising of Sirius before the sun- but that only happens on 8/8 in giza egypt at the pyramids (or anywhere at that same latitude).  we each are at different places on the planet- and astrology can be very situational.  where you are located informs what you see and experience!  so if you want to tune into the Spiritual Sun of our sun’s frequency it can beautiful to do so at the time Sirius actually rises where you happen to be on the planet this month :)  

if you have never tuned into Sirius and/or have but want to tune in again i have a guided meditation that is about connection to this star.  you can find that at the link below.

also in my solar gate call from yesterday i have a guided meditation that connects you to sekhmet and fixed star regulus- the heart of the lion.  and there is also a piece to the meditation that helps you work with the ancient egyptian ritual of ‘going through the belly of sekhmet’.  

this lion’s gate just a day after the solar gate and heading into the heliacal rising of Sirius (pending your location) is positively POTENT.  remember that the Brighter the Light the Darker the Shadow.  high frequency Light tends to illuminate all that is hidden and not being looked at.  this is not a time to spiritually bypass or only focus on the Light.  this is a time to enchant the Light and Dark into Union.  this is a time to allow the Spiritual Sun of our sun to show you where your ego is out of balance (too much ego/narcissism or too little ego/self deprecation) so that you can recalibrate and RISE AND SHINE into radiance, uncompromising self Love, generosity of heart and spirit, sovereignty and the true frequency of royalty- a priestess-queen or priest-king who is in service of Love.  

blessed lion’s gate to you!!!!

~divine harmony




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