grand cross full moon in cancer conjunct sirius!

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happy last day of 2014! i am posting the lunar insight for the first full moon of 2015 here on the astrology blog for all to see. it’s a POWERFUL lunation and it best worked with consciously.

many blessings…


the first full moon of 2015 is exact on sunday january 4th at 8:53pm PST. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the very powerful and potent solstice new moon in capricorn on december 21st. the seeds planted and intentions set around mastery, maturity, security, safety and success at the new moon can come up for review this week. full moons tend to bring things to Light, climax, crisis or culmination and with the cancer/capricorn axis in focus issues around the balance (or lack thereof) of mothering and fathering, personal life and public life, inner needs and outer achievements can be up big time.

this full moon is actually a Grand Cross full moon- which means there are planets in all the cardinal signs (aries, cancer, libra and capricorn) and they are all squaring or opposing each other. the full moon in cancer is opposite the sun and pluto in capricorn, square to uranus on the south node in aries and square to the north node in libra. this brings up crisis points but also the potential for major realization, aha moments and inner or outer shifts in our personal lives, relationships, home/family situations and career or life purpose. this is not a light and casual full moon! it it kicking off 2015 in a big way- with focus on what needs to shift, change, transform, end and/or be released in our lives. we can use this full moon to get clarity on where we are holding on and what we need to let go of- and because the full moon is in emotional cancer part of what we need to let go of is our emotional attachment to the past.

the full moon is also conjunct sirius- a very powerful fixed star that many ancient cultures have mythology about. there is a connection with sirius to Higher Consciousness- and to ancient beings that came from this star system to earth a very long time ago to help us evolve and grow. sirius helps us to make the mundane sacred- so it is a fixed star that bridges worlds. with sirius on the Grand Cross full moon, we have amazing opportunities to access Higher Wisdom and Higher Love- all we have to do is be open and receptive to it this week.

with the moon opposite pluto and the sun, deep transformative energies are afoot. but there is also potential for intensity, power/control dynamics in relationships and shadowy Unconscious behavior coming up to be address. the best use of pluto energy is self-empowerment and self-transformation. so this is not a time to give away your power or lord it over others- it is a time to center within yourself, own your own shadow and Light, and focus on the only being you have any control over- yourself!

the other very significant feature of this full moon is uranus conjunct the south node and pluto square uranus and the nodes. this T-square between uranus, pluto and the nodes will be exact in the second half of january and it is extremely potent. uranus on the south node points to our ability to break free from karmic patterns and the past- but it also points to our addiction to the past and the strength and courage it will take for us to break free. dark moon lilith is also conjunct uranus and the south node- so deep, intense energies are afoot and we need to be aware of our need to be in control or to dominate others. anger and rage that comes up at this time needs to be consciously worked with- not Unconsciously expressed. the north node in libra shows us that our growth is tied up with others and our ability to compromise and collaborate. aries south node is very self-focused and even self-centered. libra north node is all about WE and US- there is inherent knowing that we are all in this together and we need to work it out so that we can work together to improve our experience on planet earth.

a client said to me yesterday that the T-square of uranus, pluto and the nodes seems like it could speak to the start of a war. i am not a mundane astrologer so predicting wars or political events is not my forte. but i can see where he is coming from. my forte though is on the spiritual and psychological implications of the astrology playing out- and from that perspective this astrology can point to an inner war. a place where we are torn between the future and the past- and it is up to us to make the choice to evolve or to stay stuck in the past. i see this T-square as a pivotal point in time where we have a choice- and the choices we make will determine the outcome of the coming year and beyond. so it is key to think wisely and to not act rashly or impulsively. actions taken consciously and with awareness of the long term consequences will be rewarded down the line- mark my words!

the most harmonious aspect this full moon makes is a trine to chiron, the wounded healer, pointing to the deep potential for emotional healing and clearing that is accessible to us all at this full moon. the full moon may bring up A LOT, but chiron shows that if we stick with it and move through what arises rather than shut it down, deny it and pretend otherwise- we can come out the other end healed, cleansed and expanded in our awareness of why things are happening they way they are in our lives.

there are several asteroids to take note of that are significant in the full moon chart. saturn is parallel kassandra- showing us that we want to master our intuition and psychic gifts, not repress them, control them or fear them. this goes for us and this also goes for the oracles and prophets of the world. both mercury and venus are conjunct icarus, who flew to close to the sun and got burnt to a crisp. icarus echoes the energy of uranus on the south node- we need to be careful and not impulsively or restlessly do things that will cost us at this time. pluto contra parallel phaethon also echoes this- as phaethon can point to recklessness and being out of control. we need to be aware of taking on more than we can handle or biting off more than we can chew. finding the middle of the road is key- yet the high energy of the Grand Cross full moon can make it hard to steer clear of extremes. last but not least neptune is parallel bacchus- the greek god of ecstasy and wine. this is great for mysticism and spirituality- but there can also be an excessive desire to check out, be in denial and avoid intense feelings that are up by turning to addictions (drugs, food, alcohol, shopping, internet- whatever you use to check out or tune out can be classified as an addiction). so awareness is key!

another significant point in the full moon chart is the fact that the sun/moon midpoint is conjunct the south node and uranus. this points to HUGE karma- and our need to deal with the karmic past in order to grow. there is no escaping it- and the sun/moon midpoint on the south node can almost feel like a black hole pulling us in towards the past. it will take much courage and strength to resist that pull and to choose a different path/action/thought or belief. and yet doing this sets the tone for the year- so it is necessary to get started off on the right foot!

for more information on where this full moon falls in your chart be sure to read the weekly horoscopes (read for sun and rising sign).

wishing you many full moon blessings in this powerful time of clearing and healing!

~divine harmony

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