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full moon in virgo- discerning the Truth

The Full Moon at 22’13 Virgo is exact Sunday March 12th 2017 at 7:54am PST.  Full Moons bring things into the Light so that we can see what lies in the Unconscious and bring things to completion or resolution. With the Full Moon in Virgo the spotlight is on our health and well-being, the work we do and the service we provide to the world, as well as any self-adjustments we need to make in order to be more whole, healed and integrated in our lives personally and collectively.   This lunar cycle began with the solar eclipse in pisces on February 26th– highlighting the virgo/pisces axis.  This axis relates to being in the body and being of the Spirit, attending to the mundane and living in the sacred- and ultimately how we align the two.  there’s a focus right now on seeing where we err too far in either direction, with a need to look at what self adjustments need to be made to bring more balance, integration and wholeness into our lives.

We have had a lot of pisces focus in the last year and a half due to the Saturn/Neptune square of 2016, the Neptune/south node conjunction in November 2016 and now the Saturn/chiron square in 2017 (Neptune rules pisces, is in pisces, the south node is in pisces and so is chiron).  This focus on pisces has really been bringing up the shadow of this mystical sign- forcing us all to face and own where we have been in denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, spiritually bypassing, turning to addictions to numb out, burying our head in the sand so as not to see and face the shadow, and where we have been deceptive with ourselves, others and by the world around us.  Taking off the rose colored glasses and unburying our heads out of the sand so we can see the Truth has been a big lesson of late!

So enter the full moon in virgo- a sign that is all about the physical, material reality.  Virgo attends to the details and see things as they are.  Virgo has great discernment and clarity about what IS- preferring to focus on that rather than on fantasies of what could be, should be, used to be or is on the surface but is only skin deep.  This full moon asks us to take stock of what IS so that from this place of being anchored in reality we are empowered to create was is possible!

The biggest aspects this full moon makes are an opposition to Chiron the Wounded Healer and a square to Saturn- triggering the Saturn/chiron square which is a pretty potent and intense transit that is with us all year long (and began in late December 2016).  Saturn square chiron brings up some of our biggest wounds and pain- those places where we keep tripping ourselves up, self sabotaging and defaulting to old karmic ways of being and doing that keep us stuck in karmic cycles is up for us to look at big time.  The virgo full moon demands that we see clearly- all the pieces, the details, the shadow and the Light. Deep healing is possible right now but it requires we Be Here Now and show up fully to reality as it presents itself, somatically present in the body and in touch with the feelings and emotions that are arising.  This is not a Full Moon to check out, spiritually bypass or escape in any way, shape or form.  Instead it’s a call to deepen into self-mastery by becoming more self-aware and willing to do the work required to heal the self and be a beacon of Light and healing in the world!

I leave with you ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 23 virgo- a beautiful call to the inner worlds and inner realms.  One of the archetypal expressions of the highest frequency of the virgo/pisces axis is the High Priestess (or Priest) who bridges world:  sacred and profane, inner and outer, spiritual and material.  They both are necessary for wholeness but it is one side that feeds the other, one that is the Source from which everything else comes into being from.  This full moon calls us deeper within to remember Source and Spirit and then embody that which we know ourselves to be on the deepest of levels.  Be here now!  Don’t check out- we need your consciousness and presence on the planet today!

Blessed Be…

~Divine Harmony



by Ellias Lonsdale
Virgo 23  Giant cacti blooming in the desert

Containing in reserve everything we could ever want or need. Bearing the treasures which we have built up over timeless time. Being entirely enclosed within these reservoirs of power. Having no option but to live them out afresh.

Feeling saturated with inward experiences of the most ancient and intensive kind. Knowing things we have no way of knowing. Remembering origin. Living under the (awareness) of all that we have accomplished and moved through and become adept within, down to the minutest detail.

The exceedingly unlikely, mostly hidden, and yet sharply self-aware frequency of abiding inside the deep center of life in a fashion which seems mysterious, but really is as starkly self-evident as could ever be. It’s just a matter of being able to perceive that which boggles the mind and requires a far-roaming imagination to get far enough inside of it to reckon with the wild tale of this one.

Posing outwardly as whatever will be taken to be exemplary, upright, morally correct. Sensing inwardly the deep currents of the earth and what they require. Being called upon in a major way to stand in for the earth and to dis-identify with outward roles as bearing any real significance.

Tending toward the most boundless extremes on the inside. Having lots of room for tending a destiny greatly removed from the mainstream. Attentive to old stories, alive to karmic resonance’s.

Hard to access, to read, to get close to. Self-protective and full of effective ways to defend and guard and remain aloof. Heavily invested in making solitude free and independent of outer inquiry and surveillance.

The inner life which enters upon the most fertile and lush interior territory. The outer life which is both austere and intentionally misleading. The ancient timeless one bringing an intent to keep one’s own counsel and go where this earth requires unfailingly.

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