full moon in sadge- discerning ego truth from Spirit Truth

by | May 19, 2016 | Astrology Blog

the full moon in sagittarius is exact on saturday may 21st 2016 at 2:15pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the Grand Earth Trine new moon in taurus (exact may 6th). the seeds planted at the new moon are still gestating and sending roots deep down due to mercury and mars still being retrograde. this lunar cycle is not about flash in the pan ideas or opportunities but is instead about long term rewards over short term gain and having patience that what has been set into motion will certainly grow and flourish into something magnificent!

the keyword this month is patience- something taurus is full of and something that mars retrograde in fiery sadge is not so fond of ;) it is interesting to note that the most significant aspect made by this full moon is a conjunction to retrograde mars- illuminating the area(s) of our lives where the breaks are on, we are being reigned in/limited and we are being asked to discipline ourselves. sadge energy likes to do things NOW! but retrograde mars energy reminds us that we need to deal with the past first before we can move forward and if we don’t reign in our desires, will and anger they could manifest more destructively than creatively (so be aware!).

full moons bring illumination, insight, culmination or crisis points and with this full moon straddling the gemini/sadge axis there is definitely a focus on Truth, communication, information and mental processes. gemini sees the small picture while sadge sees the Big Picture- but they both can be overly mental and at times overly stuck in their version of the truth. with saturn in sadge we all have lessons right now about discerning Truth from fiction, fantasy, illusion or lies (ones we tell ourselves, ones we tell others and ones we absorb from the world around us). this full moon is activating the same part of the sky (and your natal chart) as mars retrograde and saturn retrograde- so there is a huge spotlight being shined on what/where you are being asked to step up your level of mastery big time (for more information be sure to read the weekly horoscopes for your sun sign and rising sign).

if you have been having a rough go during this mars retrograde- this full moon can amplify where you keep getting stuck! it’s good to pay attention and not go into victim consciousness or reactivity- as both will keep from the capacity to be a witness to your experience. the moon links up with both mars and pluto- the lower and Higher Wills- in intense ways. there’s a strong need right for all of us to raise our frequencies up (personally and collectively) so that the lower will is in service to the Higher Will. if we allow our lower will to run the show we will be run by anger, desire, misuse of sexual energy, willfulness, aggression, selfishness and a me first attitude (i am getting an image of grown adults acting out their terrible 2’s!).

working on any issues we may have with the 2nd chakra/sacral chakra around sexuality, emotions, creativity and life energy is key with this full moon and with mars retrograde. some of us have weak 2nd chakras and we need to open up our sexual energy, get in touch with deeper emotions, get the creative juices flowing and enjoy life more! while others have overblown 2nd chakras and the work is to reign in sexual energy/not leak it out, find healthy constructive outlets for intense emotions, have better boundaries and known when too much is too much (or when the inner wounded child is running the show). the sadge full moon can speak to this last piece as sadge is ruled by jupiter- the largest planet of our zodiac who knows no boundaries and never says NO. yet there are times to say no, times to create limits and times to discipline the self- which the sadge full moon could highlight right now.

with jupiter as ruler of the full moon we have some very expansive positive energy available to us now IF WE ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK (all caps for a reason ;) jupiter is now direct in masterful, full of integrity virgo and he is in Grand Earth Trine aspect with the evolutionary north node, transformative pluto and stationary psychopomp mercury (about to leave the underworld when he goes direct in 16 hours!). major new cycles are being seeded and they are going to be AMAZING. right now the seeds planted may look like nothing on the surface- yet underneath the surface of the ground much growth and foundation setting is going on. with the auspicious Grand Earth Trine of manifestation linking up with the ruler of this full moon- we really do have the capacity to reach far! the key is to ensure we are reaching as low as we are high, as dark as we are Light, as physical as we are spiritual and as profane as we are sacred. when you look at the tree of life- it’s branches reach up as high in the sky as the roots go down- and right now we are being asked to ensure our roots are solid enough and go deep enough to support the growth and expansion we seek and that is surely coming in!

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for the degree of the full moon. what stands out to me is he perfectly summarizes the gemini/sadge axis by saying “Multiplicity as the springboard for a rich spectrum of points of view to bring together in a synthesis that is breathtaking.” this full moon is about seeking and finding our personal truth AND not making our personal truth THE Truth for everyone else. this full moon calls us to see my truth, your truth and The Truth- and hold space for it all. it’s also about seeing Truth for what it is- not what we wish/hope/thought it could be. ellias also speaks to the shadow of sadge- becoming bloated and blown up into a form that is delusionary. when we are so attached to what we think is right- hubris can ensue. and when that happens the Universe often sends experiences our way that pop our bubble and bring us back down to earth! being able to discern truth from Truth, ego from Sou/Spiritl and self from Self is the lesson right now. to truly surrender self serving notions we have to be willing to stop serving the ego self- and this can be very hard at times particularly when we are invested in being right or being seen in a particular way. but letting go of self-serving notions we must- as they keep us back, and we are not here to stay back. we are here to wake up! and every present moment is the perfect moment to awaken :)


~divine harmony

Sagittarius 2 Many iris blooming in a wide variety of colors

Multiplicity as the springboard for a rich spectrum of points of view to bring together in a synthesis that is breathtaking. No one single matter or angle is sensed as important in itself. It is only the combinations, the mix that makes the world go round.
This approach is entirely innovative and progressive. It cannot rest within the known, the familiar, the commonplace. What is given is just the beginning. It is how we cook it up, the ways we juggle and fertilize polarities that makes us able to respond to our life with joy and vibrancy.
Sometimes there are so many fragments of impression and sensation, such diverse angles and ideas that we become bloated and blown up into a form that is delusionary. Then we need the bubble to be popped and the world to rush in afresh. Any kind of shattered or fragile or hyper-specialized outlook will soon be outgrown, for we are bursting through with the need to reflect and beautify what can be here when we are ready and willing to meet it as it is.
Often we do go off on tangents. It is hard to resist these. And they can last a good long while. For we become enraptured with whatever we get involved and absorbed in. If it’s a tangent, a partial reality, it will bring us somewhere we have to make good on later. Self-serving notions are fascinating, but they keep us back, and we will not stay back.
For we have this manifest destiny to expand, to become, to see further, to experience more. We have an open transparency and a willingness to venture where we haven’t been before. The colors are sharper on the other side of the hill. Existence beckons in strange ways. Whatever we don’t yet get is what we need to know next.

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