full moon in pisces- emotional catharsis or emotional deluge?

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the full moon at 13’53 pisces is exact ton wednesday september 6th 2017 at 12:03am PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the potent total solar eclipse in leo on august 21st! the solar eclipse was the 2nd leo new moon- bringing HUGE focus to our identify, individuality, creativity, passions and role as leaders and creators in the world. yet as the quote says ‘the brighter the Light the darker the shadow’ and this full moon seeks to bring to Light all the Unconscious energy, motivations, intentions and shadow that we are purposefully not looking at or acknowledging. wholeness means integration- of Light and shadow, ego and Unconscious. this full moon can bring intimations of what that wholeness requires- via dreams, intuition, psychic impressions, projections, fears and hidden things coming to Light.

water is a focus at the time of this full moon- and as i write there are floods in texas and india that are changing life dramatically for those who live there. water is a symbol of the Unconscious in depth psychology and is the feminine element in alchemy (with fire being the masculine element). when water is rising, flooding or out of control in the dreamtime we are asked to look at our emotions and relationship to our own feelings and Unconscious to see what needs to be acknowledged and looked at. the same can be said for when water is rising, flooding and out control in the outer world. the outer reflects the inner and until we get to the Source. the ravages without reflect the ravages within. where are we disconnected from the feminine- from our feelings, our compassion, our empathy? where are we disconnected from and dishonoring our Mother Earth? where is our desire for control and rationality a fearful escape from our emotions, our vulnerability and our neediness?

this full moon can be a deep dive into the mystical, feeling oriented waters if you love to swim. but if you like to keep yourself on dry land and stay rational and logical this could be a tidal wave pulling you out to see! how you relate to your own waters, emotions and feelings determines how you will experience this lunation (also look to see if something at 13-14 pisces/virgo/sadge/gemini is getting hit by the lunation).

this full moon triggers the yod between venus, neptune and pluto- the lower heart, Higher Heart and Lord of the Underworld and transformation. neptune is about transcendence- going up and out! while pluto is about descending- going down and in. the yod between these two powerful outer planets that are deeply connected to the Unconscious and venus the Goddess of Love, beauty, relationship and self-worth is potent. can we wield the forces of upper world and lower world, Love/Light/Bliss and shadow and get them to work together? relationships, finances and our path of self-Love and self-worth are in focus right now. venus/neptune can be very idealistic and romantic but also completely out to lunch. delusion, denial, avoidance of reality, deception of self others or by others, spiritual by passing- can all be strong. yet venus/pluto demands we see the shadow and take accountability for our part in it without taking on responsibility for the shadow of others. the Highest expression of venus in leo is deep self-Love. radiating out from a profoundly open heart- and in this space of Love being able to see escapism or power struggles for what they truly are (fear).

in the full moon chart ceres- the Great Mother- is out of bounds and in the midst of some powerfully activating aspects (she was square pluto the day of the solar eclipse and since then has squared jupiter, quincunxed saturn and lilith and will head into square uranus and eris in the coming weeks). ceres represent homes, family, safety and security issues. also things regarding nourishment and nurturing- both emotional and literal (as in food). but ceres is also the Great Mother and Mother Earth and if you look around and see the seemingly apocolyptic fires and floods happening you can see this astrology in real time. remember though that fire and water are the alchemical elements- the first two elements out of which all the others were created. the feminine and the masculine need to find balance- within and without. in a world where we are conditioned to think who we are and how we are appear and how much money/power we have is what matters most- to go against that conventional idea and turn within and honor feelings, intuition, dreams and inner knowing is radical. and yet is is so needed and necessary right now.

mercury is stationary direct in the full moon chart- having just stationed direct the day before (on the 5th). with mercury at a standstill all mercury related snafu energies can be stronger- so be aware as you travel, communicate and try to deal with life in direct and logical ways. the whole month of september is full of neptune oppositions- to the sun, mercury, mars and then venus. this is NOT a month to think you have it all figured out. there is a lot going on behind the scenes and underneath the surface- and your readiness and willingness to go deep into your own Unconscious will be worth your while. taking time to reflect, introspect, pay attention to your dreams, face your fears and acknowledge your own vulnerability and fragility is important right now!

it’s interesting to see the Dark Goddess all over the full moon chart. in her mean position she is conjunct saturn and heading into square chiron- but in her true position she is square the full moon and opposite both asteroid lilith and dark moon lilith. who is the Dark Goddess? she is the fierce, powerful and intense feminine that got demonized and repressed. she got ostracized, disempowered, burned at the stake. the powerful feminine was an energy to be feared. she gives live but she also brings death- she is Goddess of womb and tomb. we live in a culture that absolutely fears death and seeks to do anything to control it and make life last longer (even to the point of trying to transfer consciousness into a computerized body!?!). the wisdom of the body and the wisdom of emotions (earth and water- the two feminine elements) are not considered valid in artificial intelliengce. when we disconnect from the feminine we disconnect from our Source of Life. but we may not realize that until it’s too late?

getting in touch with our feelings, our grief, our anger and pain is so key at this lunation. that which we cannot relate to consciously can control us unconsciously. that which we avoid diving deep into we will project and experience coming into our lives as fate. i see all the natural disasters happening right now as the Mother calling out to us- raging and crying- trying to get our attention (this also begs the question are these natural disasters really natural or has geo-engineering got anything to do with it???).

i leave you with elias lonsdale’s star sparks meditations for the full moon degree (14 pisces) which reminds us to listen to our inner voice. something inside is calling to us- something keeps eluding us. ‘we have been living beneath the level we belong within’- are we ready to wake up and change?

blessings on all you are being and becoming. dive deep and in doing so teach others that they can do the same!

~divine harmony



Pisces 14 After a feast, much uneaten food remains on the plates

We have been through it all. Yet still it keeps on coming. We should have known better. We should have learned by now. Something keeps eluding us. What is the root cause of our underlying feeling of being so pervasively dislocated and bent out of shape?
We have been living beneath the level we belong within and can flourish best inside of. We have been led astray by our sympathies to give of our essence unto those who need so badly what we can offer. What we have neglected to do in the process is to be in tune with ourselves truly. For we had to create a false self that could do all these things demanded of us, and that false self grabbed the spotlight and we were gone.
It is quite a lesson to reckon with a fundamental tendency to take on outer semblance’s and to be so snug within them that we really do forget we took them on for a momentary purpose. We were trying to learn what this world is like for others. Yet we learned far too well, took on far too intimately that common pattern.
Sometimes it feels like none of it really matters; if we can do it, we should. Often we talk ourselves into the most outrageous cycles and ways of life. We just love to camouflage ourselves in anything-but-self, just to see if we can wriggle out of what we boxed ourselves into.
Sooner or later, this dance becomes retrogressive. We can no longer fool ourselves by yet another variation of being what our world wants or needs us to be. Something deep arises which says: “I am waiting. Now it is my turn.”
As we respond to that inner voice, the entire scene shifts. The past is over. A different world is calling. In that world, there is nobody to be and nobody not to be. There is instead a soul essence, a spirit spark which is so quintessentially alive and aware that it can be strong or weak, gone or coming on. But it is completely here.

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