Saturday May 15th 2021

The Full Moon at 21’33 Libra is exact on Monday April 10th 2017 at 11:08pm PST.  The lunar cycle we are in the midst of began with the New Moon in Aries conjunct Retrograde Venus on March 27th.  This Lunar cycle has a spotlight on relationships, our values, self worth and self Love, finances and how we do (or do not) find balance in our lives.  With the Aries/Libra axis highlighted the dance of self and other, give and take, me and we, assertion and compromise is in strong focus right now!

This Full Moon is a potent one!  First off all it’s in Libra, the sign of the scales- a sign that is ever seeking balance, peace, harmony and beauty within and without.  This is the sign of relationship and it naturally falls in the 7th house of a chart- the house of Others and what I like to call the house of the Mirror.  The 7th house reflects qualities back to us that we are not conscious of in ourselves and because of this we attract others in our lives to live out these qualities both positively and negatively.  We can all look to the sign(s) and planets in our 7th house to give us information on what we are needing to integrate in this life.  During this Full Moon in Libra we have a focus on relationships and the mirror reflections surrounding us- personally and collectively.

Yes Libra is a sign of peace- and I read online somewhere that an astrologer is asking for a worldwide peace meditation on this day due to the horrific things happening in Syria.  I very much concur with this idea- as peace is much needed on this planet!  The full moon is conjunct Jupiter who is in Libra- helping us to learn and grow through our relationships and helping us get clear on what is needed for peace, harmony, connection and collaboration.  At the start of the Jupiter in Libra transit last fall I read some takes on this transit as being exceptional for marriage, relationship and connection.  In theory Jupiter in Libra is great for relationships and finding peace, balance and harmony- yet from the moment Jupiter has been in Libra he has been tensely aspected by Uranus, Eris, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron!  To me this shows that before we can find peace we have to be shocked and awakened (Uranus), have the rug pulled out from underneath us (eris), see the shadow going on behind the scenes within and without (pluto), take off the rose colored glasses so we are seeing reality (Neptune) and do the work to heal around our tendency to be in denial, delusion, play the victim or the martyr, manipulate or be manipulated by others, spiritually bypass and avoid facing reality and taking responsibility for it.  This full moon activates the configuration between Jupiter, Uranus, eris, pluto and chiron so this full moon can bring these huge lessons and opportunities for growth and evolution into focus.

What is interesting is Retrograde Venus is the ruler of the full moon (she rules libra) and she is in a Yod configuration with the Full Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Ceres and Chiron.  a Yod is the finger of God/Goddess aspect that points directly at where the evolution and growth edge is- and the Yod points to the Full Moon in Libra.  Venus is almost at a standstill- set to station direct on the 15th.  She does so within ½ a degree conjunction to Chiron.  When Venus stations- and really the entire month of april- she has been/is triggering the Saturn/Chiron square.  I have talked about this extensively in my weekly and monthly forecasts and I write about how it is impacting the signs in the weekly horoscopes.  This is a HUGE defining signature of 2017.  Saturn is on the Galactic Center- a point of High Frequency Light and illumination.  The brighter the Light the darker the shadow though- so what Saturn on the GC has been helping us do is make the darkness conscious (Jung said ‘enlightenment is not about imagining figures of Light but of making the darkness conscious).  Saturn square Chiron confronts us with our biggest wounds and pain and the default karmic patterns we keep on playing out ad nausea in our lives.  You know those areas of life where you keep getting stuck, you seem to be on repeat where the players may change but the drama is the same?  And when you really get deep in-self reflection you see that the lowest common denominator is yourself?  The places we keep on repeating patterns is where our potential for greatest growth, healing and awakening lies!

The astrology this year is an exceptional time to be doing inner work:  therapy, shadow work, somatic based healing modalities, shamanic journeys, solo retreats and more.   With Venus stationing right smack on top of Chiron and square to Saturn (twice in april- the 8th and the 21st)- there’s HUGE POTENTIAL for heart healing and healing around boundaries, self-worth and self-Love.  Also healing around addictions, spiritual by passing, victim/martyr dynamics and where we avoid looking at and dealing with reality.  Yet it will take work and a willingness to excavate and deeply go into the wounded spaces in order for this healing to happen.  We cannot move past what we have not fully moved through.  We cannot heal what we cannot feel.  And right now the astrology is about feeling it all- not spiritually bypassing (chiron in pisces) and not staying on the surface so as to avoid the depths and what is real in the shadows (libra full moon).

Not only is Venus with Chiron but we have Juno with Pluto.  Venus and Juno have to do with relationships.  Venus has to do with what we desire, value and Love and juno has to do with what we commit to.  Venus/chiron points to the need for deep healing around self-worth and self-Love but also deep healing that needs to happen in relationships, and perhaps our relationship to money and abundance.  Juno/pluto points to the transformative capacity present in relationships BUT it requires deep work, shadow dancing and getting to the root/core of issues rather than just trying to heal them on the surface.  Venus is the ruler of Libra and Juno is an asteroid associated with Libra- so we see a strong theme present at the time of this full moon and that is in regards to relationships.  Yes Jupiter is in Libra helping us to grow in connection and find balance in partnerships- but first we have to see where we are disconnected and where there are imbalances that need rectifying.  This is the work right now- both personally and collectively.

The Yod formed in the Full Moon chart involves venus with chiron and also mars with ceres.  Ceres is the Great Mother asteroid Goddess that governs parent/child dynamics, home/family situations, the environment and food/water/air supply here on Mother Earth.  She also governs our needs for safety and security and how those needs are or are not met.  Right now as I write there’s a horrific thing happening in Syria- which to me is the worst manifestation of the mars/ceres conjunction which is playing out as an assault on children, families and a particular part of Mother Earth.  Mars governs action and initiation but he also governs war, violence and activation of a more intense kind.  Mars and ceres are quincunx the full moon- making a tense aspect that brings friction with a need for resolution.  The Libra full moon wants peace and harmony but the reality is there are horrific things happening on the planet right now.  Not just in regards to Syria but Syria is definitely in the spotlight right now.  Interestingly venus and Neptune- the lower heart and Higher Heart- govern the full moon and mars/ceres conjunctions (they are both in venus ruled signs and then Neptune rules pisces the sign that venus is in- so Neptune is the dispositor of the whole configuration and actually is the final dispositor of the whole chart!  this makes neptune VERY strong right now for good and for not so good).  What is needed right now is compassion and Love- but equally so we need to be willing to take a honest look at where we have chosen to believe in illusions, live in denial, and bury our heads in the sand.  We need to move from blind compassion to real, fully embodied compassion that is in touch with and expressing healthy anger and rage.  We need to wake up- and the astrology right now serves that purpose, however hard and intense it may be to navigate this period of time!

Reality checks and dealing with what IS rather than focusing on what can be/should be/used to be/could be is what the double venus/Saturn square aspect is all about.  Think back to end of January when Venus first squared Saturn and conjoined Chiron- as what was brewing then (and even back to end of December when the first Saturn/chiron square was exact) is coming to a head right now.  It is time to show up and be present to what IS!  It is time to honestly look at the realities in our lives- personally and collectively- and to be willing and able to own our part in creating said realities.  If you are having relationships problems, financial problems, or any other kind of problems- seeing your part in creating them is the key to freedom.  These problems arise as lessons for us and we won’t graduate and move onto new lessons until we really learn and master the ones we are dealing with right now.  What those lessons are can be different for each of us (for more info check the weekly horoscopes- I have a new 2 week free trial for people who are new to my website.  I also have a new sliding scale donation option so that you can donate what honors my work and the value it has in your life but also honors the reality of your finances).  This is a moment to shit or get off the pot my friends- personally and collectively, spiritually and materially.  Saturn on the GC is no joke!  Saturn demands mastery, personal accountability, integrity and responsibility.  Those committed to doing their own work rather than defaulting to playing the victim or the martyr, projecting and blaming, or turning to addictions to numb out and bury their heads in the sand- those are the ones who can really step up in their mastery, authority and seats as teachers for the collective right now.  (and yet going into this work needs to come from a place of doing it for yourself- not doing it so you can teach it to others).

One other thing about this yod that is so powerful is that we have a harmonious alignment of mars and ceres with venus and chiron.  venus sextile mars aligns the Divine Lovers in fertile, creative ways and with chiron involved there is great healing possible right now in relationships, in the masculine/feminine dynamic within and without in the world around us.  Chiron shines the Light of awareness on where/what the wounds are that are running us.  His tense aspect to the full moon reminds us that we have to go way beyond the surface of things so we can address the depths.  Libra has many beautiful qualities but one of the shadow sides of libra is the tendency to want to sweep things under the carpet and have things look pretty on the outside- meanwhile underneath lots of stuff is brewing.  This yod calls us to step beyond the surface to get to what is underneath.  The personal and collective wounding patterns we keep playing out ad nausea no longer work- and really have not worked but now things are coming to a head and there’s no avoiding looking at them.  We need to wake up to the manipulations going on behind the scenes politically and collectively.  We also need to wake up to where we are the very ones behind the curtain in our own lives projecting a particular image without when something else very different is going on within.  We need transparency and a willingness to get vulnerable and intimate with the Truth of ourselves and the actions in our lives.  And this full moon along with Saturn/chiron this year can help us do that- if we are willing to go there!

There are a couple other things in the natal chart to be conscious of.  First of all the mean north node is at 0’04 virgo- just about to move into leo in the coming days.  0 virgo/29 leo is the place where the fixed star Regulus currently is.  This fixed star is one of royalty and leadership!  Yet the north node is where we are pushed out of the nest and figure out how to fly falling down.  The north node is the path of dharma and it is our growth edge we have to keep pushing past.  The south node, on the other hand, is the path of karma and where we repeat karmic patterns and default to what we are good at and familiar with  but also is too easy and does not promote growth.  The north node at a point where it’s about to shift is a huge call to service, self awareness, discernment and inner work (qualities associated with virgo).  It’s also a huge call to leadership that is based on service- not ego.  Leaders/teachers that are doing as much, if not more, inner work on themselves as they are leading or teaching others in the world around them are needed right now- as we can only lead people as far as we have gone.  And if something very different is going on behind the scenes it will Unconsciously play out in our outer life and affairs.

The last thing I want to share is Ellias Lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 22 libra (we always round up to the nearest whole number when looking at degrees).  For those of you new to my writing I always include ellias’ star sparks for the degree of the new and full moon as I find them deep and very insightful.  They are similar to sabian symbols but I prefer his version of them- as he is a shadow worker that loves to pull back the veil and show you what is behind the scenes.  The meditation for this full moon is “an ancient glass vial perfectly preserved”.  Just hearing the title I get this image of a chalice holding an essence or some kind of information that is ancient and is waiting to be discovered again.  We are the chalices and we have a “lost inward essence” that needs to be reclaimed.  This degree speaks to the testing going on right now and the sense that we are being forged in the fire.  Those who have the Soul capacity to step up and bear this essence will first get tested A LOT.  We are in an initiation right now.  Remember your essence- remember why you are here.  Wake up from amnesia.  Stay the course and don’t cave to the “endless testing action” you face.  As elias says “(We) must learn to honor this pathway and no longer react against it”.  This is the Saturn/Chiron square in a nutshell!  It’s bringing up people’s BIGGEST STUFF.  And many will cave and turn to addictions to numb out, spiritually bypass, bury their heads in the sand.  It takes a deep commitment to inner work to navigate these realms right now.  It also takes some good solid allies- so don’t try do this alone!  Have people in your sphere- therapists, healers, friends- who can support you as you move through your initiation.  Only you can walk this path- no one can walk it for you.  But there are guides along the way and friends who can hold you.  Seek them out.  Seek out relationships that sustain you as you go down and in.  They are worth more than gold!


Full moon blessings sent your way…

~Divine Harmony


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By Ellias Lonsdale

Libra 22  An Ancient glass vial perfectly preserved

There are these places within the Earth where the timeless ways are held intact, remembered, known as right here now. These places have a magical power of an immense kind. They are deeply magnetic. They draw into them specially selected souls to enact a facet of what they bear and hold.

The souls who are drawn in these find themselves being put through the most ultimate kind of initiation. They must prove that they are worthy to bear the lost inward essence, to draw it forth afresh. There is one quality they must demonstrate to the utmost extent. They must show that they are steady, clear, intact, not able to be thrown off course by the endless testing action they face. And they must learn to honor this pathway and no longer react against it.

They are being trained in a Great Art. They must themselves be the vessel. They carry the magical ways directly within them. But these ways are volatile. They explode contained, fixed worlds. So there must be this mastery to be able to inherit the powers.

Most of the pattern involves waking up from amnesia. To see this lucidly is the world’s strangest experience. You gotta get there in stages. And when you at last are ripe, something else altogether happens.

You find yourself to be just the right person in just the right spot to bring across what is otherwise beyond everybody’s grasp. You do it by enacting the vital force of the timeless ways. You don’t act, you be.

And that kind of presence on that threshold is liberating and renewing and worth every ounce of self overcoming.

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