Sunday January 24th 2021

full moon in taurus- holding on and letting go

the full moon in taurus is exact on tuesday october 27th 2015 at 5:05am PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in libra on october 12th (interestingly at 5:05pm!). with venus governing the new moon that began this cycle and the full moon that brings this cycle to conscious realization (or perhaps crisis)- we can look to the Goddess of Love and beauty as the governess of the lunar cycle we are in. it is interesting to note that venus was square saturn during the new moon and venus is opposite chiron at the time of this full moon- so venus is definitely under duress and the areas of life she governs (love, relationship, finances, self-worth, values and more) are being tested big time right now. using the Light of this full moon to illuminate what we value the most versus what we are holding onto that is no longer of value that we need to let go of is key at the time of this lunation and for the 2 weeks that follow this full moon as we wrap up this lunar cycle.

the full moon occurs when the conscious self and ego (the sun) opposes the Unconscious (the moon)- bringing the full Light of consciousness to that which is hidden, not being looked at or in the shadows. full moons can bring illumination, completion and climax- but they can also bring crisis points and hidden things to Light that we were intentionally not looking at or wanting to address. with the moon in taurus and the sun in scorpio we have the full moon in the signs of form and trans-form-ation. taurus is all about the embodied, material aspects of life- what we own, possess, have and hold. scorpio- on the other hand- is about letting things go, dying to be reborn and transforming matter into something else. this full moon can have us looking very deeply at what we are holding onto and what we need to let go of. the saying ‘don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long’ is an apt one for taurus and scorpio- as taurus will hold onto people/places/things/objects until the bitter end, while scorpio will let go of the material things but hold onto emotional pain and anger instead. this full moon challenges us to look at where or what we are holding- inside of us or in regards to people/places/things- so that we can get clear on what needs to be let go and given back to Source so we can move on in life.

the full moon activates the approaching saturn/neptune square- as the moon makes a tense aspect to saturn (quincunx) and a harmonious one to neptune (sextile). saturn square neptune brings a push/pull dynamic between the material world and the spiritual world, between 3d reality and transcendence. the moon sextile neptune brings an idealism, compassion and altruism to the lunation but the quincunx to saturn also brings confrontation with cold, hard reality. saturn demands we address what is NOT working before we can manifest our ideals and visions. with both bodies in signs that relate to spirituality and beliefs- there’s also a focus on what is Truth, how do we define it, how do we align our lives with it and how do we allow others to do the same (even if their Truth is at odds with our own)? that last one has really important worldwide implications as well.

the full moon tensely aspects the stellium of planets congregating in virgo: venus, mars and jupiter. mars cojoined jupiter on october 17th and venus does so on october 25th- so we have been in the energy field of the Divine Lovers aligning with expansive, growth-oriented jupiter for 10 days leading up to this lunation. venus and mars will align with each other at 25 virgo on november 2nd as well- making this the 3rd venus/mars conjunction in 2015 (the other two were on february 22nd at 2 aries and september 1st at 15 leo). venus/mars conjunctions can be creative, fertile, romantic and initiating of new cycles in relationship, abundance and pleasure in our lives. venus governs desire and what we value and mars is the action principle- so venus/mars conjunctions are times to act on our desires and values. the first two conjunctions were in fire signs- which could have made them extra passionate, creative and spirited- yet they were also in signs that are known for acting selfishly and not thinking about others. this last venus/mars conjunction is in earthy virgo- the sign of service towards others, not service towards the self. ultimately we want to find a balance between doing what we need to do in life and being aware of our actions and how they impact others. all the planetary energy piled up in virgo right now is a call to humble ourselves, be of service, make necessary self adjustments within ourselves that will positively impact our outer relationships, and start new cycles in relationship- within and without- that are based on integrity, humility, health and wholeness from within. yet the full moon is tensely aspecting these virgo bodies- so there can be a distinct friction playing about between our desires that we want satiated and the call of our Higher Self that realizes some of what we think we want or need is actually coming from the ego. again- we are challenged to reflect on what to hold onto and what to let go of so that we can truly clean house emotionally, physically and otherwise which will create space for the new cycle that is being seeded to come in.

because venus is not only the ruler of this full moon but also of the entire moon cycle (she rules libra- the sign of the new moon on october 12th and taurus- the sign of the full moon)- it’s important that we look at what is going on with her in the full moon chart. as i mentioned at the start of this article, at the new moon she was in virgo and square saturn in sagittarius- bringing a dose of reality and a need for discernment in relationships, financial situations, our values and self-worth. at the time of the full moon venus is still in virgo and she is exactly opposite the Wounded Healer chiron (the opposition is exact at 7:07am). venus opposite chiron shines a Light on all our old wounds and pain around being loved, being accepted, being valued and more. this full moon can bring up some deep stuff around self-worth and self-Love which is actually the root issue when it comes to feeling loved or valued by others. if we do not love, value, honor and respect ourselves- then we will attract people who mirror this back to us. if we do love, value, honor and respect ourselves- then we will attract people who mirror this back to us. when one comes from a place of deep self-Love- it emanates out and becomes a magnetic force of attraction in our lives. this is not to say that we will never find ourselves confronted with a person or situation who does not value or honor us- it is to say that when/if we do our deep sense of self-Love would have us immediately turn around and walk away.

venus aligned with mars and jupiter in the full moon chart brings a strong dose of energy for loving ourselves and acting from this place! with all three bodies in virgo there’s also a great energy building for cleansing, reorganizing and/or healing certain areas of our lives (check your weekly horoscopes for more information). venus quincunxes uranus and trines pluto as well- so she is in aspect to all of the outer planets- bringing a transpersonal energy of awakening, healing and transformation to a very personal planet. opportunities to embrace and even create healing shifts, changes and transformation in our personal life, relationships, finances, values and self-worth are present right now! yet with chiron opposite all the virgo planets- the key to healing lies in going into our pain and wounds from the past, not running away from them. we have to feel what we want to heal. we have to clearly see and understand our past and our part in creating it before we can become fully conscious of how we want to move forward and onward in life without repeating the past.

another really important thing to take note of in the full moon chart is the position of mars. mars is at 20’03 virgo- a mere 7 minutes away from the exact degree of the solar eclipse on september 12th. eclipses can have an effect up to 6 months after they are exact and it’s typically when a planet like mars or jupiter cojoins, squares or opposes the degree that it will have the next level of activation and manifestation in our lives. mars will activate the solar eclipse degree on the day of the full moon, venus will do so 2 days later and jupiter will do so a total of 3 times- the first begin november 23rd (and the last two on february 22nd and july 20th of 2016). what was seeded at the time of the solar eclipse in terms of new beginnings, initiations and intentions set are getting energized in the month following this full moon (and in the next 9 months as jupiter goes over the eclipse degree 3 times). look to the virgo area of your chart (and read your weekly horoscopes) to understand what is being focused on for you personally- but generally speaking the solar eclipse in virgo focused on health, healing, integrity, inner work, self-adjustments, being of service and walking the talk. virgo is a very humble sign that shows up to do the work- outer work in the form of service to the world but also inner work in the form of self-reflection, self-awareness and making the necessary self-adjustments needed when we have experiences of confrontation with the shadow within. so pay close attention to the seeds being sown, or more importantly the seeds being watered, in the virgo area of your chart. what you reap, you certainly shall sow!

the sabian symbol for this full moon is a mystical one. the symbol for 4 taurus is ‘the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’. blain bovee says this degree speaks to the reality that we can never really find the end of the rainbow- as anyone who has ever tried chasing a rainbow knows. it’s elusive and always moving away from us as we pursue it. so this degree can speak to something elusive and unrealistic we are chasing that we need to wake up to. yet it also speaks to the true journey of finding the pot of gold within. when we find it within then what we experience without will shift accordingly- when we feel wealthy, loved and valued from the inside out we will stop chasing wealth, love and validation in the outside world and we will instead attract it. ultimately we need to change something on the inside in order to manifest it on the outside- so if we feel a lack in any area of our lives the best place to start addressing that is from within.

lynda hill says this degree is also about illusion versus reality- and the need to be able to discern between the two. with venus in tense aspect during this whole lunar cycle, first square to saturn at the new moon and then in opposition to chiron at the full moon, we really are being challenge to discern and see the Truth in ourselves and others and make healthy choices based on self-love, self-value and self-worth accordingly. virgo is a sign that seeks perfection but there are times when what we are seeking does not exist and when we are confronted with that reality we are challenged to become that which we seek or let go of pipe dreams that have no basis in reality and will not materialize right now, in this life or at all. sometimes all we need is a change in perspective- whereas other times we need to take the damned rose colored glasses off so we can see and deal with reality on it’s own terms.

in closing i will leave with you elias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 4 taurus. his meditations are similar to the sabian symbols only much deeper and esoteric in my opinion. what i love about his interpretation of this degree is that it gets to the heart of the full moon in taurus opposite the sun in scorpio. taurus can speak to our mundane life, attachments, desires and physical existence we identify with- while scorpio speaks to the Soul within that knows it is not here to acquire and hold on and possess but is actually truly here to grow, transform, evolve and heal. elias’ star sparks is a reminder that there is a voice deep within that is trying to get our attention. as he says ‘something stirs from long ago’- and it’s up to us to listen and fully awaken it within. it’s also a reminder for us to wake up in the very area in which we have been most asleep- something we all are being challenged to do one way or another due to the potent astrology playing out this summer and fall. when you are up against your edge you can back up and get stuck in your old karmic patterns (again) or you can jump! what will you choose?

full moon blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony

Taurus 4 A man talking in his sleep

He is a dreamer. His wisdom, his truth, the love in his heart are given to dreams. Inside the dreams, he lives another life. The patterns of that other life are very hard to surface with into common ordinary territory. Something wants to come through. But there is so much holding it back.
He is under a restriction. He is held in suspension. An enchantment, a curse, a previous agreement, a karmic matter stands over him. Until he has gone inside and come to himself again, there is nothing he can do on the outside; not really.
While he waits, he can allow himself, if he wills, to receive and absorb all those aspects of life which he previously missed. He can become receptive and open, even while being closed and elsewhere.
There are so many ways he can play it. Will he tap the power of the internal or will he curse his fate? Can he come to a peace and an acceptance? Will he move beyond where he was stuck by cultivating simple virtues and working upon simple things in all the basic necessary ways? Out ahead of him, in the future, there looms a magic, a miracle, a great recovery and movement beyond all such postponements and dilemmas. In order for him to get to that place, he will be tested to see whether he has come to realize where he went wrong. The deciding voice lies within him.
There is a sweet poignancy, a wistful charm here. Somebody who once was very different from this and half remembers, half forgets. It was a long way down. And yet in this place can come a subtle dream come true. Belief in the hidden soul powers is essential. There are many places to turn when the twilight comes and something stirs from long ago.

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