full moon in scorpio- making the darkness conscious (5/7/20)

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the full moon at 17’20 scorpio is exact thursday may 7th 2020 at 3:45am PDT, marking the midway  point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in taurus conjunct uranus (april 22nd).  the taurus/scorpio axis being highlighted during this lunar cycle is about what we own (taurus) and what we share (scorpio).  it’s about money in/money out, form and transformation, stability/security and upheaval and death of the old.  

the new moon conjunct uranus brought opportunities to revolutionize our values and really get clear on what is important.  releasing attachments to things and means of safety and security that kept us tethered to an old paradigm- this full moon in scorpio shines Light on what it is we are being asked to release or let go of so we can personally and collectively transform!

this full moon makes significant aspects- first of all opposite the sun/mercury conjunction and widely opposite uranus- bringing focus to revolutionary changes happening on planet earth and our opportunities embrace change and become more embodied.  if you have not seen the blog i wrote about uranus in taurus and the revolution of embodiment you can find that here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/uranus-in-taurus-the-embodiment-revolution/

pay attention to insights, information, realizations and communications incoming right now.  stay open to your mind being blown and your attachments to certain beliefs about reality and life being confronted!

this full moon is also trine neptune and there is an EXACT mercury/neptune sextile at the precise moment of the full moon- so this is definitely a time to tune into your dreams, pay attention to your intuition and bring attention to what is in the Unconscious, subconscious and the shadow.  so much can be revealed and made known if you go beyond the 5 sense and bring your awareness from outer to inner during this lunation.

this is the full moon the buddha was said to have gotten enlightened under (aka wesak)- to me this makes perfect sense as enlightenment is not about imagining figures of Light but about making the darkness conscious (jung).  the full moon in scorpio illuminates the shadows and shows us what is hidden in plain sight.  focusing this light within first and then without is key- as it’s often easier to see the shadows ‘out there’ but if we do that instead of reveal the shadows within we are missing the opportunity for further enlightenment! 

the ruler of the lunation is pluto who is conjunct jupiter and square eris- some of the biggest astrology unfolding this year involves pluto and eris (the squares last from 2020-2021).  this is all about revealing what is in the shadow, turning the apple cart upside down and throwing curve balls that bring awareness and illumination.  sounds about right for 2020! 

the ruler of the sun is venus who is set to go retrograde on 5/12.  she just made the first of 3 squares to neptune on 5/3 and the second will be on 5/20 so from 5/3-20 we have a stationary venus squaring neptune twice- think of it as one VERY BIG VENUS NEPTUNE SQUARE.  

with the lower heart and Higher Heart in tense aspect it can be easy to be manipulated by our emotions and fears, but also our compassion and kindness.  we need to take off the rose colored glasses and see clearly right now.  not all is as it seems and not everything being said by others or printed in the news or spoken in the media is honest or accurate.  we have to have eyes to see beyond the veil of illusion right now.  it’s a great time to QUESTION EVERYTHING and to come back to beginners mind- that space where instead of saying we know it all we admit we don’t know it all and we stay open to being shown the Truth.   if you have not seen the VENUS RETROGRADE VIDEO i recorded you can find that here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-videos/venus-retrograde-may-12th-to-june-24th-video/

in the full moon chart only pluto and juno are retrograde but in the coming 10 days we have 3 planets going retrograde- saturn, venus and jupiter (in that order).  come summer solstice we will also have neptune retrograde for 2 days before venus goes direct.  so many planets in the Underworld means get ready to dive deep and descend, deal with the past, go over what has come before in order to clean things up and get into alignment (where it is in your chart informs what areas of life are in focus- listen to the weekly and lunar horoscopes for more info.  if you are not a member you can sign up to be one here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/)

i leave you with the star sparks degrees for the full moon – a potent reminder that life comes out of death, and the phoenix can rise out of the ashes. 

blessed full moon to you!


p.s. links below for venus retrograde and more info on eris and the pluto/eris square <3 







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by Ellias Lonsdale

Scorpio 18 People holding hands around a table. One candle is burning in the middle of the table

Merging our will with spirit.  Focusing the power of what we carry in the centering, grounding action of the Living Spirit. Giving our all for the cause of what spirit wants to do and needs to do in this world at this time.

Gathering all our many selves to simultaneously burn up in the spirit light. Being driven to the utmost to retrieve from death, from tragedy, from lost places everybody in here who can contribute to the flames. Having a wild time of it in terms of battling with resistance’s and lingering residues.

Feeling with utmost passion the call to burn up the dross of mistakes, of every time we ever have fallen short of the mark. Being incapable of bearing for another moment what it is like to be cut off, separative, less than what we really are inside.

A tremendous impulse that gathers momentum as we get into it. At first, the obstacles seem so intense and the drive feels to be too diffuse. But the further we go with this, the easier it is to sense that we are bringing all our selves to the table and that we could not get them here smoothly and quickly.

A deep thunderous roar, a voice rarely released. The sound that comes from working on the inside in diverse directions and beginning to sense the worlds coming together after forever being apart. An immense willingness to go through anything and everything to walk in naked splendor in the tall grass.

A certain undertow that is deadly. So much has been worked, suffered, lost. If the backlog is identified with too harshly, paralysis sets in. But the thrust of destiny is so great that ultimately these stopping points are really just the deepest food for the fire to burn.

Death has no sting when life arises to itself with sufficient focused intent and surrendered will. Out of that which was burned to ash arises a different being, one with a bold and steady step, sturdy through and through. 

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