full moon in scorpio: dealing with reality

by | May 8, 2014 | Astrology Blog

i am posting the lunar insight on the full moon in scorpio here on the public astrology blog for all to see.  if you like my insights check the weekly horoscopes for next week that will be posted by sunday night!




the full moon in scorpio is exact on wednesday may 14th at 12:16pm, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with the potent and powerful new moon/solar eclipse in taurus on april 28th. considering this lunar cycle began with an eclipse- we can safely say we are still in the eclipse portal. the eclipse portal will end with the dark moon and new moon in gemini on may 28th.

full moons bring things to climax, crisis, illumination, fruition and/or completion. whatever was set into motion at the new moon gets brought to a pivotal point of emergence or confrontation at the full moon. considering the new moon was an eclipse- whatever we set into motion, intended or began planting seeds around is huge. so this full moon is a time of reality checks about what we wanted to begin and whether or not we have backed up those intentions with conscious action.

this full moon is in deep, intense, passionate scorpio and it is conjunct karmic, masterful saturn. this is definitely a heavy lunation that requires we dive deep and look at our own shadow/karma/darkest stuff. scorpio governs all the taboo topics of society: sex, death, money, power and control. with a full moon conjunct saturn in this potent sign we can be confronted with our fears or obsessions related to any of the above. it’s definitely a powerful lunation that is best spent in reflection, introspection and/or retreat to get the best results (even if it’s only a 1/2 hour you can set aside that day- do it!).

the new moon/solar eclipse in taurus generated new beginnings around the embodied aspects of life. it was a great lunation to call in more health, wealth, self-worth and self-Love. it was also an amazing lunation to focus on earth, her resources and what we need to do to support her healing. with this full moon/saturn being the emergence or crisis point of that new moon- we now need to look at whatever hinders us from really opening up to what we are calling in.

where are the toxic patterns in your life that keep you from the abundance, fertility, health and well-being you desire? where are there financial/emotional/psychological enmeshments in your life that are not only noxious, but actually serve to hold you back from the growth and evolution you seek? this is a time to really own our shit. it’s not a time to project it all out there onto others- as you will miss the ripe opportunity for cathartic change and transformation present right now.

taurus is the sign of form, while scorpio is the sign of trans-form-ation. taurus holds on and stays attached- while scorpio lets go and lets a Higher Power guide. looking at our lives to see where/what/who we are desperately holding onto- and then seeing where we can let go and let God/Goddess lead is important right now. if we cannot do this- then the Universe will come in and force our hand. so it’s always better when we are proactive in shining the Light on our own shadows.

the ruling planet of this lunation is pluto in capricorn and he is in mutual reception with saturn in scorpio (they are in each other’s signs). so this full moon energy is dominated by both of these heavy hitters: the Lord of Karma and Father of Time (saturn) and the Lord of the Underworld, Death and Rebirth (pluto). there really is no getting around it- it’s time to step up our game, own our stuff and move further down that journey of mastery of integration of the dark and Light aspects of self.

the positive side of saturn/pluto is that we are in the perfect frequency to dive down deep. all spiritual and metaphysical arts that support this are recommended right now- from shamanism to astrology to therapy to bodywork. anything that can help you get into your deepest stuff- emotional, spiritual or physical- can be super useful right now. this is also the perfect time for cathartic release of the past. so cleanse that closet, let go of that clutter, go on a juice cleanse/raw food detox, get a colonic. wherever the energy is stuck, stagnant and no longer moving- now’s the time to facilitate a new flow of energy coming in to clear it all out.

while we have this deep, watery, underworldly power dominating the chart in the form of the full moon in scorpio- we also have some dynamic fire expressed in the chart in the form of venus in aries activating the grand cross. did you think the grand cross was over and done with? think again. on may 19th- 5 days after this full moon- mars stations direct. then in june mars triggers the uranus/pluto square again (as well as jupiter in cancer). so we are still IN IT- but with mars retrograde a lot of it is happening either behind the scenes or underneath on a emotional/psychological/spiritual level. with venus in aries squaring pluto the same day as the full moon and then conjoining uranus the next day, we have more shake ups, wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs playing out in relationships, finances and our personal values. with venus in a more dynamic, extroverted sign- that fire is likely to be experienced palpably in the form of energy and courage or in the form of anger, irritation and conflict with others.

during the full moon the sun is always opposite the moon- and the sun in taurus is ruled by venus in aries while the full moon in scorpio is ruled by pluto in capricorn. so having the sun and moon opposite each other as well as the rulers of both in tense aspect- we are likely going to be feeling the crunch, especially in relationships! the key at this time is to be willing to see what is not working, defunct, stagnant or old paradigm and then be ready, willing and able to face it, own our part in it, and then take conscious action to shift things into a better frequency of expression. for some this may mean radical shifts in existing relationship structures, for others it may mean ending relationships that have come to the end of their road (or maybe even passed the ending a while back!), and still others there may be new relationships being formed under this intense pressure! however it manifests though- the inner experience all dials back into the masculine/feminine balance within.

it is interesting to note that venus is in aries, the sign of mars- and mars is in libra, the sign of venus. they are in each other’s signs, in mutual reception- so they have an affinity for one another, despite being in opposition to each other. there’s a huge sea change playing out on planet earth in how the masculine and feminine relates to one another. i see this playing out in many relationships around me and in my client’s lives- but it’s simply a mirror for the deep and transformative changes playing out on the inner levels. no one i know who is going through relationship changes and activations is not also experiencing this same level of shift and change in their own inner relationship to the Self. this is why i say to spend some time in meditation or reflection at this full moon, as the most profound insights you will get are not going to be about outer situations/people/relationships- they will be about inner ones. since the inner informs the outer- it’s better to address the Source, yes?

this potent full moon is in effect now and until wednesday- but pay close attention to saturday as the sun opposes saturn, preparing the foundation for the lunation to come 4 days later. from saturday to wednesday we are in it- and the best way to navigate is to steer clear of denial, illusions, addictions and avoidance. it’s better to dive down deep and confront your fears- but also own your gifts. this lunation is ultimately about empowerment and clearing out toxins that inhibit you from really owning that and living your life from that place.

full moon blessings to you all!

~divine harmony

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