full moon in sagittarius- the Truth shall set you free!

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the full moon in sagittarius is exact on tuesday june 2nd, 2015 at 9:19am PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon at the last degrees of taurus conjunct the fixed star algol (the fierce Dark Goddess star). this has definitely been one heck of an intense lunar cycle. the dark moon preceding the new moon on may 17th was DEEP! and the lunar cycle that commenced once the dark moon passed has worked in tandem with a very profound and intense mercury retrograde cycle that we happen to be right smack in the middle of.  if you have been feeling a lot of intensity in your life of late- know that you are not alone!

with the new moon in taurus and the full moon in sagittarius- there is a focus on embodiment, attachments and material reality (taurus) as well as beliefs (spiritual, philosophical, political and otherwise) and what we know or think to be true. because mercury retrograde is triggering the saturn/neptune square during may and june- there’s a lot of stuff up around discerning Truth from fantasy, fact from fiction, reality from idealistic/ungrounded dreams. because this full moon triggers mercury, saturn and neptune- we have all that has been churning below the surface, within us and around us in the last couple of weeks in the spotlight at this full moon. full moons occur when the sun (conscious self) is completely opposite the moon (Unconscious)- and the rays of the sun can bring Light to things that have been deeply buried in the subconscious as a result. this can be illuminating and freeing or it can be anxiety producing, unexpected and shocking. either way we are being asked to look deeper into ourselves and into the situations we are experiencing around us. things may not be what they seem on the surface- so the full moon in sagittarius asks us to get a broader vision so that we can see the whole and not just a piece or a part of what is going on.

the most significant aspects this full moon makes are oppositions to the sun, retrograde mercury and mars (all conjunct in gemini) and a square to neptune in pisces. the 8 days leading up to the full moon all of these bodies (mars, mercury and sun respectively) have squared neptune- so the full moon chart is highlighting a frequency we have been steeped in for the last week or so. the sun in gemini opposite the moon in sagittarius brings Light to information, thinking, beliefs and perception. with neptune squaring both- what we think, see and/or are told may NOT be reality. there is a smoke and mirrors energy playing out in the ethers right now and we have to use discernment AND intuition in order to straddle the razor’s edge and get to the Truth.

typically mars conjunct the sun and mercury is fiery, assertive, dynamic and perhaps a touch aggressive. yet mars is also square to neptune- so our will and drive can be weakened or we could find ourselves (or others) being passive aggressive and underhanded. the best use of mars/neptune is using our will in service to Spirit and Soul. mars/neptune is the spiritual warrior! but to be a true spiritual warrior we have to work to resolve the war within first. if we keep projecting outwards (which shadow neptune loves to do)- we will miss the boat. with mercury square neptune information or ideas can be deceiving. it’s a great time to question what you hear, what you are told or what you think you know right now. with the sun square neptune, we can either find ourselves having delusions of grandeur or we can find our ego energies dissipating in a way that manifests in codependent or enabling relationships, addictions or situations in which we play the victim or martyr. with so much neptune in the sky right now- and shadow neptune at that (squares tend to highlight the shadow side of the two planets interplay)- we really need to be aligned with our integrity and stay honest with ourselves and others. delusion and deception of self and other will have karmic consequences that will have to be paid sooner or later. one of the best uses of this full moon in sadge is to stay connected to the Higher Self and allow that aspect to guide us and inform our actions right now!

the ruler of this lunation is jupiter and he is currently making some lovely aspects. jupiter is just past conjunction with juno- the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment. they are both trine the moon and uranus- so a beautiful Grand Fire Trine is formed in the full moon chart. this speaks to the potential for a lot of creativity, inspiration and passion to be accessible right now. jupiter/juno can point to new partnerships forming (business, romantic or otherwise) that are profound for our growth- or growth happening in existing relationships that take them to the next level of their evolution! it can also point to anchoring into a deeper commitment with ourselves, our path and our journey of growth, evolution and consciousness. we are heading into the 3rd jupiter/uranus trine (exact on 6/22) which is amazing for new ideas, innovations, inventions and expressions of our originality and purpose! this full moon could be about getting in touch with some Higher Aspect of ourselves that we really need to anchor into so we can move forward and onward in life.

jupiter is also quincunx pluto- which was just exact last week thursday (5/21). this brought the potential for power struggles but also the potential for empowerment through dying to the old/letting something go so that something new within us (or without in situations in our lives) could be birthed. because the ruler of the full moon (jupiter) triggers the uranus/pluto square- there is something about this full moon that is attempting to help us move out of breakdowns and into breakthroughs, to move beyond wake up calls so that we can get to the awakening that is awaiting us on just the other side.

it is interesting to take note of the fixed stars involved in the full moon chart. there are 3 stars configured and they all link up with jupiter and pluto. none of the other planets are aligned with any of the fixed stars. this puts the jupiter/pluto quincunx in the spotlight. technically it may be over (it was exact for the last of three times last week) but it’s still very much energized in the full moon chart. jupiter is parallel aldebaran- one of the 4 royal fixed stars that has to do with attaining success through integrity. it is SO KEY that we stay aligned with our inner integrity right now. this mercury retrograde cycle has delusion, deception, confusion and illusion written all over it. the veil between the worlds may be thin due to all the neptune- but being able to discern what is a veil and what is a decoy can take a lot of work/centering/mastery right now. jupiter is also contra parallel sirius- the brightest star in our sky that has to do with making the mundane sacred. many ancient cultures see sirius as the Spiritual Sun of our sun- and the Light that comes from sirius is meant to infuse our planet with a Higher Frequency that we are all working to integrate and anchor into our physical bodies. making the mundane sacred literally means bridging the spiritual and the material. this is not about ascension, transcendence and flying off into the ethers- leaving our bodies and material reality behind. this is about bringing Spirit fully down into self- it’s about descension, embodiment and immanence. ultimately it’s about a CONVERGENCE of spirit and body, Higher Self and lower self, heaven and earth.

the fixed star aspects to pluto include an opposition to sirius- something that is going on all year long and is of profound importance! i wrote an entire blog just on this transit so if you have not read it click the link here- https://www.divineharmony.org/cosmic-insight-divine-harmony/divine-harmony-astrology-blog/pluto-opposite-sirius-sacred-lies-concealed-profane/. in a nutshell- pluto is seeking to shine a Light on all the shadow and shit that keeps us from fully anchoring the sacred into the profane here on planet earth. this is a call to rise up to a Higher Frequency of living- not in a way that cuts us off from our shadow but in a way that sees us integrating shadow and Light as they are two halves to the same coin and to move beyond duality you cannot just cut off one half of something and pretend it is not there…that is spiritual bypassing. pluto is also conjunct vega- a fixed star that brings with it deep magic and charisma which is enhanced tenfold by the conjunction to pluto. i see this aspect as a reminder of the deep magic accessible to us all right now- but we have to be willing to look beyond the surface and get to the depths to really see it and be able to do something with it.

in terms of asteroids the ones that stand out the most to me are the ones conjunct jupiter- the ruler of the full moon chart. jupiter is conjunct nemesis and sisyphus- two pretty intense karmic-laden asteroids. nemesis speaks to an enemy- someone who you can easily project your shadow side onto and may very well be a representation of the other side/shadow side of yourself (ironically typically our worst enemies are mirror reflections for our deepest disowned shadow!). in greek mythology sisyphus was the guy who pissed zeus off and his punishment was to push a heavy rock up a long steep hill- and every time he almost got to the top the rock would roll back down and he would have to start all over again. put these two together and we have jupiter exacerbating our deepest core wounds/karmic patterns and bringing to Light the area in life where really need to shift things NOW and stop engaging in a karmic pattern/karmic relationship/karmic circumstance once and for all. the best use of this energy is to see the enemy WITHIN and focus on dealing with/healing that relationship. it’s also recommended to look at areas in your life where you keep pushing the damn rock up the hill and it never gets to the top. is it time for a different game plan? or is it time to just say i am done with this heavy, karmic laden rock! i am letting it go and moving on!!

as you can see this full moon is positively potent. it’s a culmination of all that we have been going through during the month of may- but it’s not the END of all of that. it’s the midpoint of the current lunar cycle we are on- we still have the last 2 weeks of the waning moon to go until the next new moon. so the best use of this full moon is to allow the Light of the sun to fully illuminate all that we need to see in our Unconscious, in our minds, in our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. using this full moon to seek out Truth- within and without- and to question what we think we know rather than think we have it all figured out. neptune dominates the skies right now- there is no escaping his frequency. but the potential for deep realization (which requires we see with our real eyes- so we have to take the rose colored glasses OFF)- is high right now. if you can be willing to see through your own projections, delusions, illusions and self-deception during this lunar cycle- the Truth shall set you free!

have a blessed, illuminating full moon!

~divine harmony

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