Tuesday October 26th 2021

full moon in pisces illumination!

hello all!  i am posting the full moon lunar insight on the public astrology page as it’s a potent full moon and i wanted to share!  if you like what you see check out my subscriber service where a lot more of my writing can be found :)

full moon blessings to you!

~divine harmony


the full moon in mystical, magical pisces is exact on thursday, september 19th at 4:13am PDT. this is the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with the new moon in virgo opposite chiron the wounded healer on september 5th. this lunar cycle has been extremely intense and with the virgo/pisces axis highlighted there is a lot of focus on the split or disconnection between the body and Soul, thinking and feeling, discernment and forgiveness, wounding and healing.

full moons are times of things coming to Light, fruition, climax or crisis. with a pisces full moon a lot of deep subconscious/Unconscious material can come to Light. they call crazy people lunatics- the root word being luna or the moon. the moon definitely has an ability to bring up all that you have repressed- so if there is anything you are not looking at or dealing with you can expect this full moon to bring it into the Light!

the full moon does not make a lot of aspects but the ones it does are very significant. the moon tensely aspects venus, mars, saturn and the north node- activating the venus/saturn/north node conjunction in scorpio that is heading into square aspect with mars in leo. with the Divine Lovers involved in this full moon it seems like a battle of the sexes may ensue. ultimately we want to find balance between yin and yang, masculine and feminine, give and take, inner and outer. with venus aligned with karmic saturn and the evolutionary north node right now we have MAJOR NEW CYCLES being seeded- ones that are based on massive endings and/or massive new beginnings in relationships, finances, business, partnership, commitment and contractual arrangements of all kinds. with mars square all three there is a push-pull quality at hand. mars is raring to go and wants action while venus/saturn/north node know that it’s a long journey ahead and things cannot happen overnight. ultimately we need to find a place where we are not procrastinating on taking action in our lives or dragging our feet in the sand, but also know that there is a timing that is unfolding and we need to tune into it and align with it for best results.

the ruler of this full moon is neptune, who is currently in pisces- the sign he rules. neptune opposes two of the asteroid Goddesses in the sign of virgo- vesta the sacred priestess energy and ceres the Great Mother energy. neptune is blurring the lines between reality and unreality and we likely may find that a lot of the women in our lives (including ourselves and for men the feminine that lives within them) are moving through some very deep stuff right now. there is a deep activation going on of the Priestess archetype as well as the Divine Mother archetype- which both men and women can feel. tuning into Mother Earth is huge right now- she is trying to communicate with us but many are so shut off from her they cannot listen. this is a great time to pay attention to dreams, intuition, psychic impressions and synchronicities happening in your life. a lot of stuff is playing out on the subtle, etheric realms and taking time away from your busy life to retreat and meditate will help you tune into what is going on.

the full moon this week activates an energy that was present in fall of 2009 when saturn in virgo was opposite uranus in pisces. this full moon falls in the same axis and the same degrees- bringing to Light the deep and intense changes that began back then. saturn is the principle of grounding, the past and commitment- while uranus is change, freedom and ending of an old order. this full moon can bring to Light what began back then (an unsettling of the old and a new energy coming in) and let you see how far you have come along. if at any point you have gotten stuck along the way- then this full moon will help you see where that is (maybe kindly, maybe not so kindly) so that you can do something to shift yourself and move forward.

for all of us this full moon is a great time to be kind to yourself! self-care is of the utmost importance- so take a bath, mediate, do some yoga, get a massage. return to the womb of the Mother and let her nurture you. and when you are done extend that nurturing energy out to others and to the world around you. Goddess knows many of us need it right now!


~divine harmony

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