Monday September 28th 2020

(i am posting a lengthy post i just wrote on my Facebook fan page- it started out as a quick update and then turned into THIS! lol)

good morning everyone! does anyone out there know a way to turn off the ‘trending’ part of Facebook where news items are posted. the news items on there seem to either be superficial (look at kim’s butt!) or horrific and violent (about people being murdered). the news is making me sick and i try to ignore it but i still see those little trending items when i login to get to my DH page and i would love to turn them OFF! if you know how to do this please let me know :) (just in case you are wondering- i am not wanting to ignore reality, i am simply wanting to censor how it is delivered to me which often occurs in a very sensational way).

this is very apt for the FULL MOON IN GEMINI opposite the SUN, MERCURY and CERES in SAGITTARIUS- all of which are square to CHIRON, the wounded healer in PISCES. gemini opposite sagittarius is about information versus knowledge and wisdom. gemini likes to know all the little things just to know them- while sadge likes to UNDERSTAND them and see the Greater Picture that is being created as a result of all the pieces of information. but we also need to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. some information is pointless, destructive, and manipulated simply to elicit an emotional response from us.

i have been realizing this of late as i have attempted to watch movies in the last couple of weeks (transiting neptune on my moon has made me interested in them more than usual). i have found myself way more sensitive to imagery, which actually means i am oversensitive right now because i have a pisces moon and sensitivity to imagery is pretty much is emblazoned in my DNA. i had this aha moment recently where i realized that the movie industry does things intentionally to elicit a response from us and all of sudden i felt like i was being emotionally manipulated! i have never viewed movies like this- although to be honest i pretty much avoid a lot of movie genres like suspense, thriller, action, etc… because they are way too violent for me and it sits with me for days afterwards and makes me feel like i want to throw up (i’m not kidding).

anyhow- this realization was interesting in Light of the full moon in gemini- because at worst this full moon can be about the subtle manipulation of our emotions and thoughts that come through the media. we really do need to question what we are told, what is shown on television, what is going on around us. but that is simply a mirror for what we need to do on the INNER LEVELS- which is question what we think and feel. when we are in a rage- does it feel good to be in that rage? even if what incited us to rage is something that is based on our morals and integrity- is rage a positive emotion that makes us feel grounded, healthy and sane? can we respond to whatever incited that rage with a different thought or emotion that doesn’t keep us stuck in negativity while at the same time not ignoring whatever it is we need to address? and what about our pain and suffering? does it really feel good to be attached to our pain and suffering? the past is the past- we cannot change it or control it! but what we can change or control is our response to it. this is deep work and very byron katie- and this full moon can help us to dig a little deeper to get to the root/Source of our thoughts and feelings so that we can QUESTION them and not just believe them/attach to them wholeheartedly.

when i had this aha moment of the media emotionally manipulating us (in truth, i am sure i have thought this before but i have done such a good job at isolating myself from the media- that when i tried to watch these movies it was really, really obvious to me in a raw, intense way)- i had this image of little energetic beings feeding off of our negative emotions. they looked like parasites- and i realized that when we engaged in this kind of feedback loop we fed these grotesque looking things. and the way to get them to stop feeding off of us was to stop digesting the imagery and sensationalized information that we were being inundated by. i mostly already do this- so the biggest aha moment was how this can seep in even when you least expect it.

of course the 6th URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE is coming up next weekend- so in the background of all of this we have major opportunities for transformation and change, but they probably will arrive via breakdowns that precede breakthroughs in our lives. this is not easy astrology- but it is powerful and transformational.

the exact uranus/pluto square is on 12/14 but we will have venus, mercury and the sun trigger the uranus/pluto square throughout december and into the first week of january. so we have major opportunities to radically revolutionize (or completely let go of) our values, our thoughts and our ego attachments in the coming weeks. it’s a deep time! and quite the smash bang ending to 2014 and beginning of new year.

sending you all waves of Love and inner peace- even as things are stirring up around us, we are challenged to find our center- not so that we can check out, but so that we can come from an anchored, grounded place where we are not allowing ourselves to be manipulated but also not allowing ourselves to completely disconnect. we are spiritual beings having a human experience- and chiron, the rainbow bridge, helps us to have a foot in both worlds! the healing happens when we integrate these two- and this month we will have opportunities to further this deep work personally and collectively!

many blessings….


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