full moon in aries- the will needs to serve something Higher

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Astrology Blog

the full moon at 12’43 aries is exact on thursday october 5th at 11:40am PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo on september 19th. that new moon triggered the saturn/chiron square- the core wound territory transit. in the unfolding of this cycle we have seen some pretty big wounds and pain up around the world. hurricane maria hit puerto rico on the 20th- and they are in a humanitarian crisis. this on the heels of hurricane irma in british virgin islands and florida and hurricane harvey in texas. just days ago barcelona had horrific police violence against people- some elderly- that were voting. the last article i read said 850 people were injured! and then just sunday night (october 2nd) we had the worst public shooting in american history in last vegas. and last but definitely not least we have seen escalating tension with north korea with our president and their leader shooting pretty aggressive twitters and statements back and forth threatening to annihilate each other! this lunar cycle certainly has brought some horrific disasters and we are only half way through the lunation.

what is the best use of saturn square chiron? being willing to feel our pain, face our wounds, take accountability for our part in situations and working to do the healing that is necessary. with saturn in sagittarius and chiron in pisces there’s a huge spiritual crisis happening- and also a crisis around Truth. both of these signs have to do with belief- and there are some big lessons up right now about different people/countries/cultures having different viewpoints. we all have our opinions and truths- the problem is when we get so self righteous that we think we are right and everyone else is wrong. i am seeing this all over Facebook with people arguing over view points and positions on issues. the venom that comes through the communication can be so intense- you would think that if these people were face to face they would kill each other. is this how we want to live on planet earth? do we want play a game of win and lose until at the end there is one winner (or one group of people) but everyone else is dead and gone?

this full moon in aries is a call to look at our personal and collective history with anger, aggression, rage, violence, reactivity and shadow masculine expression. this is a full moon to take stock of the self and other dance in our lives as individuals, as countries, as beings who inhabit planet earth with others. if we overdo ‘my way or the highway’ and try to strong arm everyone else- this full moon will not be fun. if we are willing to work towards collaboration, compromise and connection- then this full moon will be more illuminating, freeing and evolutionary.

in the full moon chart we have moon at 12’43 aries opposite the sun/mercury/vesta conjunction in libra. this brings focus to how we communicate with others. are we diplomatic, tactful, graceful? are we taking out our unprocessed anger and rage on others- or are we using partnership and relationship as a mirror to see our own reflection. if we are too aries- we need to learn libra relatedness. if we are too libra- we need to learn aries assertiveness. we each have our growth edge- but they key is to not swing completely in the other extreme but to find balance between the two so they can work together.

the ruler of this lunation is mars who is conjunct venus the very same day as the full moon! with both venus and mars- the Divine Lovers in Divine Union- linking with pluto there is hugely transformative, evolutionary energy present. if we are willing to get deeply discerning and self aware (virgo) and deeply committed to our own self mastery and evolution- this astrology can be quite amazing personally, relationally, professionally, even financially (venus rules money). thank Goddess we have this lovely alignment as it’s a saving grace right now- helping us to navigate our own depths and shadows and the depths and shadows of the world around us with maturity and embodied presence (they are all in earth signs after all).

the full moon is square pluto- which is a powerhouse of an aspect that can bring up shadow, power/control dynamics and hidden things coming to Light. again- we want to have healthy outlets for anger and rage. if we stuff it it will come out in other ways. if we reactively express it we can become even more aggressive or violent. healthy relationship to anger and our masculine will and drive is necessary right now.

next week mars will trigger the saturn/chiron square (october 11th-15th) and he will also trigger the new moon degree from september 19th (on october 18th). so have some big mars energy incoming next week. he can exacerbate the wounds and pain and the shadow dynamics going on behind the scenes. yet if we are willing to harness and work with the discernment, integrity and hard work he gifts us while in virgo- we can work with what arises and allow it to serve our healing and awakening.

interestingly saturn is on the fixed star ras alhague- a fixed star that is about the desire to heal a wound. there are so many wounds up right now- personally and collectively- which one do we work on healing first? that is up to each of us individually- i say focus on that which is most pressing for you in your life and your communities right now. give your energy, time and support to issues. use your mars energy to take proactive action to help create a better world to live in. one step at a time.

i leave you with the star sparks meditation on the full moon degree (read below)- but i would also like to make mention of the sabian symbol for this degree. the symbol is ‘a bomb which failed to explode is now safely hidden from discovery’. lynda hill says “This Symbol shows that often in one’s life explosive elements need discharging. Pressure cooker energy needs to be released, but it often needs to be done slowly and carefully. By keeping a sense of control, one can handle wild situations, elements or people without things getting out of hand. Be an example to others of how calmness and quiet can take the charge out of things. Take whatever opportunities you can to defuse elements as an explosion often damages more than is expected.”

this is very apropos of the full moon in aries opposite all that libra. libra is the high path right now. seeing both sides of viewpoints and working to find middle ground is key. being a wild card maverick and only thinking about ourselves/our country/our part of the planet will not work. once of these days we will be awoken to the fact that what happens to others happens to us. there is no separation. using this full moon in aries opposite the sun in libra, both ruled by the venus/mars conjunction, to find Union within and without is recommended. let us seek to find common ground, collaboration and compromise. let us remember it is not us versus them. it is us and them. we all live on this ship called earth. if the ship goes down- we all suffer.


~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Aries 13 The wind blows white sheets hung on the line to dry

Destiny comes and takes charge of our lives so fast and so utterly that we can only move with it and trust our fates to the winds. All the familiar and comfortable and taken-for-granted places we are captured by become the springboard for radical destiny process.
Whatever we get caught in, in any measure takes on a magnitude, an extra dimension of primal power. We cannot bear to be at the mercy of what we had previously created, which has become empty form. So we come sharply up against the mental structures, the outer forms, the worldly containers for our energy and attention being held back away. And a ferocious destiny force seeks to scatter the old and bring on the new.
There is so great a duality-consciousness built into this push and pull. We make what holds us back wrong, we turn what can liberate us into something totally magical and ultimately magnificent. For we are intent upon outwitting our own tendency to get tangled up in the outer to the detriment of the inner. Yet we do it by perpetuating a ton of illusions, a very biased and partisan perspective.
Thus, we get out of one trip and into another. The culprit lies in our zeal to know just where we’re at and what we’re doing. The explainer, the justifier and the analyst come into play. We start to listen to our own voice as it rants onward.
Our destiny will is seeking the straightest, most direct path forward. Our experience shows us endless curves, twists and turns. If we ever do become responsive to what is revealing itself through the whole pattern, we will be set loose from the tyranny of the mind.
We are seeking to get beyond our own multi-traps. We are likely to ensnare ourselves a thousand times over. The beauty of it is, we’re up for every bit of it with our secret smile.

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