Tuesday October 26th 2021

full moon aftermath…

wow was that one heck of a full moon early this morning! my astro date book called it a storm moon, and i have to say it was not far off the mark! between mars/pluto last night and the full moon opp uranus and square pluto this morning the uranus/pluto frequency is up BIG TIME!

uranus is the great awakener, rebel and revolutionary and his sole purpose is to bring Light to where we are stuck or stagnant and help us to break free, find liberation and evolve. pluto is the lord of the underworld and he exposes what is in the shadow, what is toxic and what is subconsciously holding us back from the transformation and evolution we seek. with these two going head to head we have major opportunities for massive shift and growth- but also a lot of shit coming up to be addressed and dealt with. it’s definitely an intense time!

normally post-full moon the energy starts to Lighten up- but that is not the case with this lunation. tomorrow (thursday) the sun, venus and uranus all align which brings sudden insights, shift, changes and reversals in our self-concept, our relationships and finances, and our overall direction in life. then on friday mercury aligns with chiron for the 3rd and final time. think back to the first week of february- that is when these two began their dance of wounding and healing in communication and conversation. what began then is still being worked out- so pay attention to what is up for you on friday. the next day, saturday, there are tense aspects to saturn bringing up limitations, restrictions, depression and karma to deal with. it can feel like one step forward, two steps back. and then finally on sunday both the sun and venus square pluto- completing their activation of the uranus/pluto square. sunday can be deep, cathartic and transformative or it can be dark, manipulative, shady ad shadowy. it’s up to us and how we work with our inner and outer fires.

it’s definitely not a week for the faint of heart! the impulse may be to hide under a rock but i don’t recommend doing that. change and evolution is happening whether you participate or not- but if you take the bull by the horns and become proactive about that change and evolution you will be able to tap into the freedom and liberation that uranus/pluto is trying to bring to you. the only way out is through!

blessings on this most potent time of transition…

~divine harmony

p.s. read your horoscopes for this week for more info on where this is all taking place in your chart- read for sun AND rising sign

***f you are interested in my ASTROLOGY CLASSES that start on the new moon of april 10th please email me through the contact tab on my site. it seems the email sign up on the actual class information page on my site has not been working and lots of people trying to sign up have not gotten through to me. please email me directly through the CONTACT DH tab which is working fine- the other one is getting fixed right now.

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