Sunday July 21st 2019


i just posted the WEEKLY HOROSCOPES for this week. we have a big week ahead! these are typically part of my MEMBERSHIP SERVICE but this week i posted these horoscopes for FREE for all to listen in to. if you like what you hear you can check out a membership and get access to the weekly horoscopes, lunar horoscopes, lunar and solar gate calls, monthly forecasts and more!

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some highlights of the astrology this week:

VENUS is in her front end shadow and monday through wednesday makes important aspects she will repeat 2 more times. paying attention to the issues arising in relationship, finances and the concerns of the house she is transiting through are important as this week the Universe gives big hints about what we are going to be dealing with in the months to come!

the last JUPITER PLUTO SEXTILE is this week and the sun and mercury link in with it. this is a great week for inner work, transformation, empowerment, purging, releasing, renewing. like a snake shedding it’s skin- this is a week to slough off that which does not serve your evolution and growth!!!

and lastly MARS moves back into aquarius and links with chiron- healing around the masculine is possible this week. we all have a different journey of healing here. some of us are aggressive, selfish, self focus, in pursuit of our desires in the moment without thinking of the consequences of what we set into motion. others of us stuff our anger and rage which will manifest as depression and illness, have a hard time with boundaries and have a hard time taking agency in our lives. we each have a different healing journey. tune into where your growth edge is and push past it this week!

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