Monday March 8th 2021

free lunar gate call for new moon in virgo <3

this is the lunar gate call for the new moon in virgo 8/30/19 through the dark moon before the next new moon 9/28.

in this lunar cycle we have amazing earth trines, Sirius conjunct the north node, the last of 3 saturn/south node conjunctions, and much, much more!

this call includes astrology, mythology, the mary mysteries, shadow work and a guided meditation to support you in moving through the coming lunar cycle consciously.

listen to the call and be sure to listen to the lunar horoscopes posted by the new moon on 8/30 as they go hand in hand with the lunar gate calls.

i am posting the lunar gate call publicly- typically the gate calls are members only content. if you enjoy this call and want access to future calls you can do so here-

blessed new moon!


beautiful image of astraea by artist unknown <3 p.s. if you want to join my Foundations of Astrology online class starting 9/18 you can sign up or get more info here-

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