Saturday December 5th 2020

embedded below you will find the lunar gate call for the new moon in scorpio- initiating us into the samhain portal as lunar samhain occurs at the time of the new moon in scorpio with solar samhain occurring on november 7th.

this call is full of astrology, mythology, shadow work journalling exercises and a guided meditation to help you attune to the magic of the death portal we are moving into.

this call is members only content and i am offering it out as a gift to everyone as a celtic new year gift from my heart to yours <3 if you enjoy this gate call you can sign up to be a member to receive solar and lunar gate calls (the next solar gate will be released 11/4) as well as weekly/lunar monthly/yearly horoscopes. to sign up to be a member and support my work click here- i mentioned a few things in the gate call so links to what i was speaking of are below: ASTROLOGY OF 2020 WEBINAR- 11/9-11/10 2 day weekend webinar about the extraordinary planetary alignments of 2020- with an in-depth overview of what is incoming collectively, politically, socially, environmentally and personally. if you cannot make it live the recordings will be accessible afterwards. for more info and to sign up click here-

to watch my Facebook live video on MERCURY RETROGRADE click here-

to read the LUNAR INSIGHT on the new moon in scorpio click here-


image of dark crone goddess by artist unknown <3

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