Tuesday October 26th 2021

fire trines, full moon and uranus/pluto square- bam!

hello everyone and happy thursday! today is the FIRE TRINE day that i wrote about in the weekly forecast. it’s a great day for expansion, expression, growth, optimism and taking leaps!

i am not sure if it’s just my personal astrology, but i am not feeling the positive side of the fire trines. i actually feel like i am getting toasted and roasted in the fire! hoping my acupuncture later today will help to soften that

of course we cannot forget that in the background of all this we have the approaching URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE (exact on 12/14) as well as the intense FULL MOON IN GEMINI in T-SQUARE with CHIRON, the wounded healer exact this saturday early morning. i think i am probably feeling both of these a lot more than the lovely VENUS TRINE JUPITER and SUN TRINE URANUS. hopefully you aren’t in the same boat (and if you are- we can sympathize with each other!)

just so you all know what is going on with me (if you are interested) i have been in two very intense and opposite transits- transiting neptune on my natal moon/opposite my natal mars and transiting saturn square my natal saturn. neptune incites the desire to do nothing, to meditate, dream, retreat, reflect and check out- while saturn demands that we be here now, deal with reality and earn things with our own blood, sweat and tears. when you have two opposing realities collide like this- you have amazing opportunities for mastery. i am not quite there yet though so it’s been intense to say the least.

i now have an assistant helping me to catch up on the many, many emails i have not replied to as well as lots of other work things that need catching up on. i am very thankful for her- but there’s a lot to move our way through together, and i am having to train her in the process. so if you have emailed- please be patient, we will get back to you. and if you have not heard from me- feel free to email again via my contact form as it may have gotten lost in my inbox but my assistant is on top of things and she will make sure you get a response.

due to this i am no longer scheduling readings in december. the readings i have already set are good to go- but all others will be scheduled in january of 2015.

thank you for your patience and understanding as i navigate my own personal journey of integration of opposites (i.e. transcendence and immanence, otherworld reality and this world reality, being and doing)

sending blessings…


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