fiery phoenix full moon in aries- it’s time for revolution!

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Astrology Blog

the full moon at 23’14 aries is exact on saturday october 15th 2016 at 9:23pm PDT- marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in libra conjunct jupiter on september 30th. that new moon was a powerful lunation as it not only initiated us into a new lunar cycle (and end of the eclipse portal that was the previous lunar cycle) but it also activated the jupiter in libra transit which lasts for the next year. if you have not seen the lunar insight i wrote on that new moon you can find it here-

because that new moon was in libra and the full moon is in aries we have a huge focus during this lunar cycle on relationships and the balance we have (or don’t have) in our lives between self and other, give and take, independence and interconnection. both the lunations in this lunar cycle make intense aspects- the new moon was quincunx neptune/south node and square to pluto and this full moon is conjunct uranus and eris- so it’s safe to say relationships and how we do them are in the midst of some big time transformation, evolution and perhaps even endings to old connections or old patterns to make way for the new.

this full moon is nearly EXACTLY conjunct eris- the full moon is at 23’14 and eris is at 23’04- so they are 10 minutes apart. this is TIGHT and brings the eris archetype front and center into our experience. eris is the Goddess of discord and chaos- but that is only half of her archetype. originally the Great Mother Goddess was the all- dark and light, creatrix and destroyer, Benevolent Mother and Dark Mother. patriarchal consciousness could not hold paradox- that something could be both positive and negative- and began polarizing identifying the self as good and the dark other as bad. this has given rise to wars, racisim, violence and horrible acts done on planet earth. this was the original sin- the split from wholeness. eris is definitely the Goddess of discord and chaos but when she uproots things or creates chaos she does so because the facade has gotten toxic and it’s time to really face and see what lies underneath. she actually brings harmony and balance by shining a Light on the shadow. she releases anger and rage that has been stuck, stagnant and repressed for far too long and could become even more toxic and explosive if not given an outlet NOW.

so this powerful warrior Goddess who shines a Light on all the shit and shadow no one wants to look at is intimately tied up with this full moon. because the moon is involved emotions can be HIGH at this full moon and building up to it days or even a week beforehand. if you find yourself feeling angry, rageful, irritable, reactive or impulsive- know that eris is stirring your pot and navigate the fiery energies consciously so they are creative rather than destructive. on the flip side- if you find yourself feeling depressed, apathetic or disconnected this full moon is asking you to get in touch with what you have repressed within.

this full moon is also widely square pluto- although both the sun and moon are past exact square with the Lord of the Underworld. but we do have mercury in libra- aligned with the sun (and opposite the moon) square to pluto almost exact. communications, perception, thinking and speaking can be intense but also penetrating and revealing right now. with the ruling planet of this lunation mars approaching pluto (exact 10/19) some very powerful energies are brewing that we REALLY want to work with consciously. mars/pluto can help us align our lower egoic wills with our Higher Wills- so actions we take are masterful, full of integrity, personal accountability and maturity. OR mars/pluto can be a battle of wills- lower versus Higher- with egos clashing, power/control dynamics erupting, with manipulation and even violence erupting.

the Great Mother asteroid Goddess ceres is also involved in the full moon- her position at 29 aries puts her in conjunction with the moon at the karmic completion degree (the 29th degree of any sign has this energy). there can be big things up right now around home/family situations, safety and security, the environment and Mother Earth at large. there could be earthquakes or fires- signs of things shifting and the old needing to be burned off so that something new can take root. both are also symbolic of intense forces causing a reaction- something we could see play out on the world stage as well as in our personal lives right now.

using this full moon to really FEEL all our emotions- especially the ones we tend to want to disassociate from like anger, rage, grief and pain. the path to healing requires that we feel things all the way through without getting stuck in the emotions but also not avoiding them entirely or shutting them down. a great book for this is ‘emotional intimacy’ by robert masters or if you are wanting to journey specifically with anger (which is great for an aries lunation) then i recommend ‘the anatomy and evolution of anger’ also by robert masters

we live in a society that reactively expresses or represses- not one in which healthy ways of dealing with emotions gets modeled. we have to model this for ourselves. particularly in the spiritual community- there often can be a judgement around negative emotions as though one is not as evolved or awake if one feels anger or grief or attachment. i completely disagree. emotions are part of the human experience. we did not come down here to shut off our emotions and disconnected from our humanity. we came here to be fully embodying and feeling it all- and wake up while in the fulness of our humanity! this full moon is wonderful for awakening and liberation from things we have been repressing, holding back, holding onto or disconnecting from- both emotions, people, things, attitudes and more.

i cannot fail to mention that this lunation is particularly potent and intense. the very yang, fiery, aggressive energy of aries is exacerbated by uranus/eris on the moon as well as mars in capricorn (ruler of the full moon) approaching pluto. there’s just no getting around this astrology- so may as well call a spade a spade rather than dress it up in a pink tutu and call it a unicorn ;) but we can work with these force field energies with consciousness. uranus helps us to break free and revolutionize our lives! mars helps us to take definitive action! pluto helps us to confront shadow, purge what no longer is valid, transform and empower ourselves. we can embrace these energies at the time of this full moon if we so choose.

of course the true test to mastery is when you can find and keep your center even when the rest of the world around you is losing their’s. a tall order and one to rise up to this month for sure!

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 24 aries reminding us that we are partners in the dance- one part of a greater whole. the key is to relate to others consciously and with deep integrity, deep respect and deep honoring. the healing of the split within and without happens when we all do our part and treat each other as we would like to be treated as we each make our journey Home <3 blessings… ~dh Aries 24 A harp which plays itself I empty myself of my own experience and I am filled by what we are moving through here. I deprive myself of the privilege to make my own music. Then the music that exists finds that I am just the one to tune and respond. I am greatly delighted to be able to make way. It releases me from the burden of separative selfhood. Each arising occasion becomes yet another opportunity to divest myself of baggage and become attuned to something I’ve never had before, I’ve never been ready to make way for till now. When I am on, everything that needs to happen flows through me and I facilitate events, experiences, encounters, epiphanies. That frequency of staying on the beam with what arises in the free moment is where I can shine, for I know how to be light, clear, effortless. I am aware of what it takes to let all of us be present, each of us as fully as we can be in this crystalline breath. I do not know what to do with myself when I am supposed to get on with my own concerns. I have nothing really to do. I only come alive when the pulse is engaged. There is nothing else to even prepare for or pretend to be aroused by. So I come across as simple-pointed and almost narrow. I certainly am purposive and steady on. But it’s the receptivity, the availability, the quiet interior resource which is actually what I manifest in this life. I am a partner in a dance. I am one part of a greater whole. My facet is complete unto itself. Yet it really takes a shared moment for this to come alive as intended. I live for the sensation of being tapped, of being asked to give of my essence and let the truth resound all through my being. How can I not seek the charged moment of encounter? I am the breath of new life, awaiting winds that blow.

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