Tuesday October 20th 2020

DH update

hello friends/readers…i just posted the weekly horoscopes, which were written by my dear friend and fellow astrologer priya kale.  my fiance and i took a last minute trip to kauai to be with a family member who is in transition.  i am not on email right now so if you have emailed me i will get back to you as soon as i can.

as of right now astrology class will start tomorrow evening, but if something comes up between now and then i may have to postpone and reschedule.  i have emailed everyone who is signed up but wanted to let you all know here- in case you have been considering taking the class series.  if you are interested we still have a few spaces left.  you can email me through my site and i will get back to you when i am able to.  i will respond to you before the first class, so if we start tomorrow evening (which is the plan) i will get back to you well before the first class starts (tuesday the 24th at 6pm PDT).

thank you for your understanding and patience…

~divine harmony

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