Sunday July 25th 2021

dark moon/new moon…

happy dark moon/neptune station!  i am posting the lunar insight for the new moon in gemini (exact saturday morning) for all to see here- it’s an intentersting new moon and i wanted to share :)



NEW MOON IN GEMINI- saturday 6/8/13

the new moon in gemini is exact on saturday june 8th at 8:56am PDT. currently as i write this we are in a 38 hour moon void, a dark moon and a neptune station. the inward, downward pull into the Unconscious and realms of the Soul are pretty massive! if you are hiding away in an ashram or on some secluded beach retreat right now you are in a great place to surrender to this energy. but if like me and many others you are working, relating, raising kids and/or dealing with a myriad of other aspects of life- then it can feel like sink or swim!

we are in the midst of some very powerful water energy right now. both mercury and venus, mind and heart, are in watery, intuitive, sensitive cancer- and they are forming grand water trines to saturn in scorpio and stationary neptune in pisces throughout the week. this is a preview of the energy heading our way in july once jupiter moves into cancer (jupiter/saturn/neptune will form a grand water trine of major proportions!). it’s a wonderful time to tune into our feelings, dreams, intuitions, psychic impressions and pay attention to the synchronicities of life. both thinking and feeling are important arenas of information for us this week- so pay attention to both!

yet at the same time the deluge of water can have us feeling like we getting sucked into an undertow- particularly if the overwhelming feelings coming up to be addressed have been repressed for some time. when the water gets too deep or too wet, what we need is some air to help us get perspective. enter the new moon in gemini ;)

gemini is about as airy as you can get. gemini is cerebral, mental, agile, fun-loving, youthful, and carefree. he is also immature, superficial, non-committal and totally ungrounded. the new moon in gemini can give us a change to Lighten up, but we also have to be careful of over-lightening up situations that need their depth and intensity as means to force us to change or transform. the best use of this new moon in gemini is to share ideas, travel, communicate and try to see a myriad of perspective on the hot topics in our lives. get out and connect with others! open your mind! with expansive, opportunistic jupiter on this lunation the possibilities are endless- but jupiter does not know how to reign it in, so watch out for overreaching, becoming self-aggrandized or entitled. the karmic return for that will definitely be felt later this summer.

at first look this new moon looks cherry and fun- but we have to look to the ruler of this lunation, which is mercury who is currently in cancer. this weekend mercury will oppose pluto (friday) and square uranus (saturday)- triggering the breakdown/breakthrough duo who are radically altering life as we know it on planet earth. with the mind in a very subjective sign getting turned upside down by uranus and pluto we would do well to question our attachments, needs, desires and emotional reactions this weekend. yet with the outer planets involved it may be hard to get that kind of perspective- so if you cannot do that in the moment, do it after the fact (hind sight is 20/20 after all).

sudden insights, information coming to Light, communication breakdowns or perhaps breakthroughs are all possible! we have to stay open to seeing what we cannot see- as sometimes perhaps what we don’t want to see. if you have not gotten used to the uranus/pluto frequency yet (which you may as well as it’s here until 2015) this weekend can be a bit nerve wracking. but if you are starting to tune into the areas of your life that need radical change and transformation and have begun to midwife your own death and rebirth- then this weekend can be like a major lightbulb turning on! either way- it won’t be dull and boring ;)

at this new moon i highly recommend seeing intentions that involve your mind, thoughts, ideas and beliefs. if you are a writer or teacher this new moon is wonderful- so harness the energy and get clear on what ideas you want to bring to life and then get out there and do it!

jupiter will only be in gemini for a few more weeks- he moves into cancer for a year-long stay on june 26th. so connect, learn, travel and let your mind and understanding of the world around you (and your place in it) grow!

happy new moon!

~divine harmony

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