Thursday December 3rd 2020

dark moon weekend…

we are about to slip into the dark moon waters- which is a very fertile time for introspection, reflection, purging and releasing.  there is a lot of negative connocation with the word ‘dark’- but it does not mean evil.  it means that which cannot be seen with the outer eyes.  but for the inner eye- aka the 3rd eye- the dark moon is a very powerful time where we can get in touch with enhanced intuition, psychic powers and dreamlife.  with the dark moon occurring in aquarius we can access messages, information and insights regarding community, friendship, the collective and what we need for our personal and global evolution.  this is a potent dark moon because it traverses the last degrees of aquarius- where neptune just completed his cycle and left to move onto his home waters of pisces.  wherever aquarius is in your chart- this is the area that has been confusing and/or deceptive (also spiritual and profound) and while the dark moon passes through here you can find insights about your biggest confusions and deceptions coming to Light.  it may not be a fun time- but it is a powerful one if you can face things realistically and take personal responsibility for moving forward in your life and releasing the past.

the new moon that is occurring on tuesday the 21st at 2:35pm PST is really powerful and really positive!  i am actually quite excited about it :)  we have a new moon in the last sign of the zodiac- the sign of the mystic and the Unconscious.  the astrological new year kicks off with the aries new moon- which will be next month.  so this month we have the closing of the astrological year- replete with insights about the past and releasing of what no longer serves us.

what makes this new moon so powerful though is it’s conjunction to neptune (pisces’ ruling planet), chiron (the wounded healer), asteroid goddess pallas athena (goddess of wisdom) and the royal fixed star fomalhaut (the start of alchemy associated with healing, mysticiam and archangel gabriel).  the new beginnings supported with this new moon are wonderful for spirituality, healing, awareness, consciousness and wisdom.  where this new moon falls in your natal chart shows where the Universe is supporting you to start a new chapter, perhaps even a new volume, in your life.

a lunar insight on this new moon will posted in a few days, as will weekly horoscopes by sign (read for sun AND rising) and the weekly astrology forecast.  so stay tuned!

enjoy the releasing this weekend offers as renewal is just around the corner!

~divine harmony

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