Thursday December 3rd 2020

dark moon, dark wounds

we are in the dark of the moon right now- my favorite time in the moon cycle! the new moon in virgo is exact on thursday at 4:36am PDT (check weekly horoscopes and lunar insight posted later today for more info), so from now until then we are in the time of the lunar cycle that is associated with purging, releasing, letting go- as well as diving down into the Unconscious to attend to and process shadow material that has accumulated. it’s a great time for magic, mystery, ceremony and ritual. it’s also a great time to pay attention to dreams, intuition, psychic impressions and synchroncities.

this dark moon is super potent. for one the new moon on thursday is opposite chiron, the wounded healer. this is a new moon that focuses on all our old wounds and pain around worthiness, lovability, rejection and acceptance. with chiron in pisces we can find ourselves dealing with issues around boundaries, idealism, victimization, addiction and denial. the dark moon is also super chironic, as the sun opposes chiron today (tuesday) bringing the wounded healer’s focus into the deepest, darkest places in our psyches. this dark moon is illuminating the darkest wounds we have- and at times it can feel pretty shitty (i must admit). yet the gift in the experience (and there always is one with chiron as he is both the wound and the healing experience) is that we are being given penetrating insight into some aspect of our Soul’s that needs to be healed in order to move forward in this life. deep karmic patterns can be up for addressing right now- ones that go back lifetimes and millennia!

because the chiron energy is so potent right now it may feel that avoiding, denying or covering over what is coming up right now is the answer- as going into these deep, dark places can be super intense. yet that will not serve as ignoring or denying the dark shadows and wounds of our own Souls does not make them go away and in fact actually gives them more strength to run our lives in subconscious/Unconscious ways. chiron was a shaman/mentor and when he transits we have opportunities to be led to deeper places within so that we can become more aware and we can find a deeper level of self-compassion, self-Love and self-acceptance- which then translates into deep healing.

in the coming days do what you can to shine the Light on your deepest wounds and pain. there may be times you want to curl in a ball and sob and if that is the case- do it! it can be cathartic and it can provide some much needed release- as though you are dropping tons of baggage that has been holding you down.

the coming new moon is a great new moon to align (or re-align) with your path of service and healing- both what you need to do for yourself and what you need to do for the world around you. it’s a call for the priestess and priest within to wake up, get activated and/or take things to the next level. the collective wound is our personal wound, our personal wound is the collective wound. as we heal we contribute to the collective healing that needs to happen right now- one psyche at a time.


~divine harmony

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