Wednesday January 26th 2022

dark moon before black new moon…

good morning friends and readers! we are in the dark of the moon- a time to release, relax and retreat. we are building to a potent new moon in aquarius tomorrow afternoon!

this new moon is the second new moon in january- and is called a black moon (similar to the second full moon in a month being called the blue moon). this is not an astrological black moon though- that happens when there is a second new moon in the same sign (this only occurs when the first new moon is at the first degree and the second new moon is at the last degree). in my opinion astrological black moons are much more potent- similar to astrological blue moons.

but in any event this black moon packs a punch because it is perigee- which means it is at it’s closest point to earth and it will not only appear larger in the sky, but it also has more of an impact on tides, emotions, etc… between that last intense full moon conjunct black moon lilith and this perigee black new moon- we certainly are in some kind of portal taking us somewhere!

if you have found it to be exceptionally intense- know that this likely has something to do with it. in addition the sun is getting active and a huge sun spot the size of earth is now earth facing and scientists are expecting some solar shows! when the Lights of our galaxy are undergoing intense energies like they are now- we are definitely feeling it!

the best use of this energy is to illuminate your Unconscious and see what wants to be seen and come into the Light. take time to tonight to face your shadow and embrace the darkness of the dark moon preceding the black moon. think of it like a cocoon and bury in- something new wants to be born!


~divine harmony

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