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daily astrology blog- 1/24/18

…happy wednesday! there’s some DEEP astrology happening today and the rest of this week really.
we have the MERCURY PLUTO CONJUNCTION midday- and tomorrow mercury links with JUPITER. this activates the JUPITER PLUTO SEXTILE we are journeying with for the next 9 months and which just officially kicked off on the 15th of this month. this is EXCELLENT ASTROLOGY for diving deep, getting to the root and Truth of matters, transforming, evolving and dealing with your shit. great for therapy, shamanic journeys, investigation, research and all manner of DIGGING (literally, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise).
later in the week MERCURY SQUARES URANUS/ERIS and SEXTILES CHIRON. so communications are deep, revealing, intense, healing, activating, freeing, illuminating and more!!!
the key here is in avoiding power/control dynamics and trying to dominate others- and instead seek to stand in your power, communicate from an empowered place and do so with compassion, care and understanding for yourself and others.
read on below for the astro for today and for the full week forecast click the link below. in the WEEKLY HOROSCOPES i give the download for how this plays out for your sign as well (read for sun sign and rising sign)
wednesday january 24th-
the sun in aquarius sextiles vesta in sagittarius at 12:42am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. we are focused on the Bigger Picture, on transcendence, expansion and growth right now. of course with saturn involved with both yesterday we are also in the midst of a time of learning to contain, ground and masterfully apply this vision and expansive energy.
at 12:50pm mercury cojoins pluto at 19’35 capricorn, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of the Underworld! mercury/pluto takes us down into the depths and the Underworld. this is great for therapy, shadow work, research and investigation. the mind is penetrating and deep- interested in what is beneath the surface and not just what is seen in the facade. watch out for power/control dynamics in communication and steer clear of manipulation and trying to strong arm others into your own way of thinking. with mercury/saturn on the 12th and mercury/pluto on the 24th- we are all getting a very deep look at the capricorn part of our charts (and the capricorn part of the collective like the government, big business, laws and what has always been) with an eye on what needs to transform and evolve, or what needs to be destroyed or completely let go of. pay attention as your willingness to do this deep cathartic clearing/transforming work will make the year of 2018 a lot more graceful and easeful! it will also catapult you into a whole new level of self-mastery! (mercury triggers the jupiter/pluto sextile from today to tomorrow which is excellent for diving deep, therapy, investigation, research and deep inner journeys).
pluto in capricorn semisquares vesta in sagittarius in 3:30pm, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Priestess asteroid Goddess. pluto/vesta can be amazing for diving deep and focusing on what is hidden in the shadows (particularly with mercury triggering the jupiter/pluto sextile today and into tomorrow). yet this is a minor tense aspect and pluto in capricorn is forcing us to deal with structures, foundations and obligations in our lives that are not helping us to thrive and be empowered in life. this is a time to strip away and let the old die so that something new can be birthed.

to see the rest of this week’s forecast click here-

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