Tuesday April 13th 2021

today we have an exact aspect that is dynamic and intense involving a square between chiron, the wounded healer, and juno, the asteroid goddess of partnership and commitment.  michael o’reilly (of neptunecafe.com) uses the term ‘wounding in marriage’ for this aspect.  essentially chiron is bringing up all our old wounds and pain around boundaries, illusions, confusion, self-deception and deception of/by others as it plays out in relationship and commitment.  juno also governs money that is shared in partnership- so issues involving shared finances as well as shared commitment is a theme right now.

this aspect does not end today though- it is something that will be a focus over the coming month or so.  today (2/27) they square each other and then on 3/22 juno cojoins the north node- pointing towards evolution in partnership.  sometimes evolution requires a letting go of the past.  the north node is where our path of growth lies- and it is not easy.  it is hard and it demands a lot of us.  then on 3/23 chiron squares the nodes- bringing us to a pivotal point where we can choose to grow and evolve or we can stay stuck in karmic patterns and dramas of the past.  a day later on 3/24 juno stations retrograde and then the next day (3/25) chiron squares juno a second time.  these 4 days- from 3/22-25- are likely to be very intense when it comes to partnership, marriage, and financial agreements/arrangements with significant others.  whatever is up today- more will come to a head around it a month from now.

because of juno’s retrograde she will cojoin the north node again on 4/14 and then backtrack into scorpio on 5/16.  she stations direct again on 7/16, cojoins the north node in scorpio on 9/11 and then finishes her intense dynamic with chiron by squaring him again on 10/7.  this theme of wounding, healing and restructuring of relationships and financial situations is a long-term aspect that will get more intense next month before it can get to resolution.

if you have planets or angles around 4-8 of mutable signs (gemini, virgo, sagittarius and pisces) you will feel this more than others.  wherever pisces and sagittarius are in your chart is where you will feel the focus of intensity.  check your weekly horoscopes for more info on this- and be sure to read for your sun sign AND rising sign!

we are slowing evolving into a new paradigm of partnership (check out my article by the same name- https://www.divineharmony.org/writings/121-a-new-paradigm-of-partnership–v15-121) and the precursor to this is dealing with and clearing out the past.  the coming months will be a testament to what situations/relationships in our lives are able to evolve with us and what needs to be released so that we can keep on growing.  don’t make the mistake of holding onto something that holds you back!

~divine harmony

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