Wednesday December 1st 2021

change is unavoidable…

today (tuesday the 14th) is rare day in that there are no major planetary aspects and no lunar aspects either. a day like this is kind of like hanging out in liminal space- can you feel it? to me it feels like liquid goo- slowly moving through the day and trying to get stuff done but feeling as though it is taking so much energy to do just one little thing.

well today is a day to recharge and get some rest- because tomorrow is going to be intense! if you read my weekly astrology forecast you already know what i am talking about. tomorrow venus triggers the uranus/pluto square and mars cojoins saturn. anytime a personal planet moves into the cardinal signs of aries, cancer, libra or capricorn it will trigger the uranus/pluto square, and this will be the case for the next 3 years which is how long this dynamic transit lasts. with venus, the goddess of Love and beauty, being activated by uranus and pluto we have sudden changes, aha moments, power/control dynamics and shadow aspects arising in relationships, finances and in the feminine (within and without). with venus in cancer this energy is likely to hit very close to home- where we find our roots, stability, sense of security and belonging.

mars symbolizes the masculine, our will, drive and initiative energy and his conjunction with saturn can materialize twofold. first of all mars is initiating the ending of a cycle involving saturn’s transit of the sign libra which began in late 2009. since then there have been massive lessons in partnership and collaboration- requiring us to find better boundaries and balance between self and other, give and take, masculine and feminine. mars conjunct saturn can bring us face to face with all we have learned and how far we have come on these lessons, but they can also make us face all we have not dealt with and put off until now. saturn is ultimately about mastery and mars’ aspect to saturn demands we step up, get into integrity and do the work! if we have been doing the work this aspect can be rewarding- showing us that all the hard work (by our own blood, sweat and tears) is not for naught. but if there is a lot that is still looming there to get clear on and find balance with- especially in relationships and financial situations- then this aspect can be experienced as depressing, limiting, and constricting. it all depends on how we have been learning/working on our saturn in libra lessons in the last 2 1/2 years. think back to august 2010- that was the last time mars activated saturn. do you see a correlation with things you are dealing with right now that began back then? ponder this for a while and i am sure you will glean some important insights that will help you see where your mastery lies.

there are people predicting earthquakes and political stuff with the astrology coming tomorrow. my focus though is on the inner spiritual and psychological levels. anything that erupts/falls apart externally is simply a mirror for inner dynamics. from a psychological perspective an inner earthquake is not a bad thing! it releases built up/backed up energy that otherwise could cause more damage down the road. if things are totally falling apart in your life right now- look to see where perhaps you have created the reality you are living and not really loving in this now moment. blaming others and pointing fingers does no good- we cannot change others, we only have the power to change ourselves. when we can get clear on how we have created our own dramas and then see what we need to do to change them- then we have truly stepped into our mastery and sovereignty.

the coming uranus/pluto years are a time of massive spiritual journey activation! if you are not awake yet- events and experiences in the coming years will serve to try to do just that. if you are awake (which is more likely if you are reading this column) then you are better off than others because you will know the secret hermetic maxim- ‘as within, so without’ or ‘as above, so below’. the astrology right now is simply mirroring our inner experience. if you want to see the world differently then you must do the work to change yourself. one step at a time, one day at a time. it will make a difference! i promise you :)

enjoy the activation…

~divine harmony

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