Tuesday October 26th 2021

blue moon/full moon in pisces…

with a potent full moon ahead (the second of the month- making it a blue moon!) i feel guided to post the lunar insight i wrote on this full moon in pisces on the astrology blog.  lunar insights are part of my subscriber service, along with weekly horoscopes and monthly astrology forecasts, and usually are not posted on the astrology blog.  if you find insight in the content below and are not a current member check out the free week trial of my website to see if a membership is right for you!

enjoy the full moon vibes…



the second full moon of the month of august occurs on august 31st 2012 at 6:58am PDT. some call this a blue moon (there is an astronomical blue moon- two full moons in a month- and an astrological blue moon- too full moons in the same sign). regardless of what you call this full moon- it is definitely magical and potent! the full moon in pisces is a time of bringing to Light, fruition, climax and/or crisis all those things hidden in the Unconscious. pisces is the sign of the mystic, the psychic and the compassionate- but it’s also the sign of the addict, the victim and the psychotic. in the deep waters of the Soul both Light and shadow can be found.

full moons pit the sun exactly opposite the moon- so this full moon highlights the polarity and duality of virgo and pisces. with the sign of the mundane and the sign of the sacred highlighted we can find that we are trying to find balance between inner and outer realities. virgo is focused on the physical, the body, the details and literal perfection. pisces, on the other hand, is focused on the spiritual, the Soul, the Bigger Picture and ideal perfection. they both have something to teach each and can be great allies! yet if we fall too far on either end of the spectrum this full moon can highlight and exacerbate that.

the most significant placement in the full moon chart is the moon’s conjunction to chiron, the wounded healer. chiron governs awareness, consciousness, healing and enlightenment. with chiron on the moon we have major opportunities to go deep into our Souls, see the pain and suffering there, get to the root and heal/let go of the past. if we are willing to do the deep work of self-reflection right now- this potent full moon can help heal us in profound ways!

yet chiron also rules wounding, suffering and rejection- and this full moon also bring to Light where we feel unloved, unseen and misunderstood. chiron points to the original wound- from childhood and also beyond (i.e. past lives). where he is positioned natally or by transit he brings up very deep stuff from the past. sometimes when your chiron wound is activated what you need to do is curl into a ball and just sob- letting go of all the grief, pain, suffering, anger and rage hidden within. with the full moon conjunct chiron in the last sign of the zodiac there can be VERY deep stuff coming up that is ancient, ancestral, collective and beyond. what comes up is OURS and yet is EVERYBODY’S. this is important to understand as what comes up at this time has many levels to it- and staying stuck in one but not seeing the other can be detrimental to the opportunities for healing present at this time.

neptune is also widely conjunct this full moon, and neptune is the ruler of the full moon since the moon is in neptune’s sign of pisces. positively this enhances the spiritual, mystical, intuitive and compassionate qualities of the full moon but it can also exacerbate the delusional, deceptive and addictive qualities as well. make sure you are not putting on rose colored glasses and seeing yourself or situations in your life the way you want to see them, rather than the way they are! if you choose to stay in denial because things are prettier there then in spring of 2015 when neptune cojoins the degree this full moon is at you will start getting a wake up call (this goes for personal delusion/denial as well as collective- so pay attention to what is happening in the world at this time!).

another significant aspect in the full moon chart is mars in scorpio’s trine to neptune, chiron and the full moon. mars just moved into scorpio on 8/23, heralding saturn’s ingress into this sign in early october. add to the fact that the north node of evolution and destiny is moving into scorpio on wednesday the 29th (today!) and you can see that there is a lot of focus on scorpio right now. the realms of the depths, the shadow, purging, releasing, and transformation and are going to be very active in the coming years! death and rebirth is the order of the time to come- personally and collectively. it’s not a time to hang onto dead wood, toxic patterns/situations or anything from the past! with mars harmoniously aspecting this full moon the deep insights available and the ability to act on them are supported!

one other significant thing to note is the Dark Goddess’ position in the full moon chart. mean black moon lilith is conjunct the south node, newly moved into taurus, and true black moon lilith is in gemini and squares the full moon. (mean is the averaged position and true is the literal position- between the two a black moon lilith corridor is created. for more info on this google it.) with the dark goddess activating the south node- old karmas, anger, rage and power/control dynamics can arise in the feminine (men and women have feminine aspects to them). really seeing where we are attached and pulled into karmic patterns of the past is key right now. the empowered, healed and whole dark feminine is fierce, potent and necessary in the balance of things- but her unhealed/unwhole form can be destructive, manipulative and toxic. we need to see others- and ourselves- in both shadow and Light. we need to have healthy discernment- which is what virgo teaches us. if we stay stuck in the pisces energy of seeing all the beauty and potential but ignoring the shadow we will have issues crop up now- and later.

last but not least in the full moon chart mercury is in the last degree of leo and is opposing neptune and asteroid lilith- another aspect of the Dark Goddess- and connects in with the nodes forming a grand cross. mercury will move into virgo later on friday and will perfect the opposition to neptune on saturday afternoon. with mercury/neptune in the chart the veil between the worlds is open and our intuition, psychic ability and spiritual perception is heightened. yet we have to be aware of the shadow side of mercury/neptune- deception, speaking untruth and saying/hearing what we want to say or hear rather than what is actually true. with the dark feminine involved in this opposition we need to be really clear about the shadow aspects of the feminine- within and without (in men AND women) and not allow ourselves to be taken for a ride (and not taking others for a ride either!). with the grand cross formation there is a checkpoint energy activated right now. do we want to grow and evolve or do we want to stay stuck in the past, repeating patterns that are as old as our Soul. tune into your intuition and keep your integrity when it comes to communication and you won’t be steered in the wrong direction.

this is a very potent full moon- one of the most potent this year i would say! i suggest taking time to connect with the lunar energies- in ceremony, meditation, etc… potent energies used with consciousness have a much different affect than when they are absorbed unconsciously.

enjoy the blue moon vibes!

~divine harmony

p.s. for info on where this lunation falls check your weekly horoscopes!

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