Wednesday December 1st 2021

astrology blog for 1/11/18

…happy thursday! i have to say i honestly am not feeling so happy but i want to wish you a happy Thursday so that is why i am writing my post this way

the mudslides in montecito have been devastating. i have been very impacted emotionally by them. please say prayers and send Love and support to that community. they are going through a lot right now. for those not aware of this tragedy or not aware of the extent of it- here is a map that lists all the houses destroyed and fatalities confirmed. it’s a very harrowing map-…

below is the astrology for today. we have both the SUN AND VENUS heading into square ERIS AND URANUS over the next days and through the weekend- and we also have a MERCURY SATURN CONJUNCTION exact tomorrow.

the SUN PLUTO CONJUNCTION early tuesday morning (the exact moment of the montecito mudslides) is followed by a SUN PLUTO PARALLEL tonight- so we have been having a SUPER ASPECT between these two all week. i have been feeling it for sure! it feels like many of us are in a collective state of shock. one tragedy after another. hurricanes, floods, fires, mud slides. the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE IN LEO in august- the GREAT AMERICAN SOLAR ECLIPSE was no joke.

WHAT IS THE LESSON IN ALL THIS!?! well i keep hearing COMMUNITY. we live in a western culture that is self-focused, individualistic and all about getting on top. this is not a sustainable way of living!!! Mother Earth is talking and these tragedies are a reminder that we are nothing without connection to others. tragedies open people’s hearts- so much love, care and support shows up after horrific tragedies. AND- we need to rise up as a collective and start living with open hearts BEFORE TRAGEDY STRIKES. until we do i get the feeling more of these kinds of events will keep coming.

read on below for more.  to see the full week’s forecast click on ‘cosmic insight’ in the toolbar and then ‘weekly astrology forecast’ in the drop down menu.

blessings sent in all directions!


thursday january 11th-
from 12:03pm to 8:30pm mercury in capricorn sesquiquadrates retrograde ceres in leo and the north node in leo- triggering the ceres/north node conjunction we are in the midst of from december 2017 to april 2018 (there are 3 total alignments). communications, thinking and information arising around home/family situations, parent/child relationships, safety/security issues, women’s health, fertility, Mother Earth, the environment and our precious natural resources are incoming today. with mercury conjunct saturn tomorrow we have both the mind and intellect and the planet of karma and reality triggering this potent alignment (saturn’s exact trigger was from 1/3-14). we need to attend to what is necessary for us to thrive, be health and create safety and security in our lives- personally and collectively! pay attention to the messages incoming this week!

at 11:08pm the sun parallels pluto, echoing the sun/pluto conjunction that was exact easier this week on tuesday. from tuesday to thursday we have a super aspect between the center of our galaxy and the furthest planet at the edge of our galaxy- which amplifies but also exacerbates their energy together. the sun is where we want to have agency and control! pluto is where we are asked to surrender our will and egos to a Higher Power. this is exceptional energy for transformation, stripping away, cathartic release and massive purging of that which no longer serves. this occurs in capricorn- which is a hot button area of the sky and whatever house capricorn falls in in our natal charts that area of life is in MASSIVE focus this year. pay attention to where you are being asked to evolve, transform and/or die to something old so that new birth can occur. your readiness and willingness to do this deep work will serve you this year!

at 11:37pm venus in capricorn squares stationary direct eris in aries, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. venus/eris can bring some wake up/shake up energy into Love and money situations! eris is revealing the hidden shadows- and it is up to us to resist choosing the path of safety and security and instead go for growth and evolution at any cost! if we are stuck in financial situations, business partnerships or relationships that are going nowhere- eris might upset the apple cart today and tomorrow!

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