Tuesday April 13th 2021

astro summit 2.0- FREE online astrology training!

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i will be participating in my second ASTRO SUMMIT with Astrology Hub in september! this FREE online event includes over 30 astrologers sharing their wisdom of the stars- many esteemed and well known people in the astrological field are included in this summit! (and i am very grateful to be included!)

my talk is on 9/23 and in it we will explore the Dark Goddess archetype mythologically, archetypally and astrologically. we will also discuss the Shadow from a depth psychological perspective and talk about why shadow work is SO IMPORTANT to be doing right now- for our own evolution but also for the evolution of the planet.

you can listen to all the lectures for FREE or you can sign up and pay a discounted price and get downloads of all the talks to keep as well as free gift offerings from each astrologer. my free gift offering is a 30 minute guided meditation- Journey to the Dark Goddess.

if you feel called to check it out click the link here- http://summit.astrologyhub.com/?orid=1930&opid=33&sid=2016

and if you are interested in learning the FOUNDATIONAL ASPECTS OF ASTROLOGY- my next online foundations class starts on 11/1/16. for more information click here- https://www.divineharmony.org/astrologyclasses


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