Thursday January 23rd 2020

2019 Yearly Horoscopes are up!!!

this year i have recorded yearly horoscope videos for 2019. there is some BIG ASTROLOGY incoming this year. we are in the middle of a trilogy of years (2018/19/20) that are like chapters. last year we saw chapter 1 of the capricorn confluence and this year we see chapter 2 (which will of course lead us to next year and the final part of the trilogy).

there is MAJOR KARMIC CLEARING happening this year wherever capricorn is in your chart. detox, purge, release, let go. die to the old so the new can take hold. face fears, face obsessions, change traditions, let go of toxic obligations and commitments. this is the year of COMPLETION.

if you have not seen my MUNDANE YEARLY OVERVIEW forecast for 2019 you can find that linked below. it’s FREE for all to access!
if you want to listen to your YEARLY HOROSCOPES (for sun sign and rising sign) you need to be a Stellar Supporter member and above. to sign up to be a member click here-

2018 was a year of DISSOLUTION. 2019 is a year of COMPLETION. and 2020 will be a year we can set a whole new cycle into motion. remember ‘as you finish so shall you start and as you start so shall you finish’. use 2019 to FINISH STRONG- so that you offload karmic baggage you have been lugging around for lifetimes which frees you up for the massive new beginnings just around the corner!



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