the 11th hour of the uranus/pluto square…

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we are heading into the 11th hour of the uranus/pluto square frequency that has been dominating our personal and collective experience since 2012. in june of 2012 the first uranus/pluto square in a series of 7 was exact- yet it was in 2011 (when the fukushima tsunami happened) that uranus moved into aries, which woke up the collective anger, rage and need to take action. this coincided with the start of the rebellions and revolutions around the world. this was also the astrology that incited the occupy movement. at the heart of this energy is profound and transformational awakening! yet often times humans choose intense experiences as the means to awakening. so over the last 3 years we are likely to have experienced breakdowns first- before the breakthroughs could come in and take hold. if we have been entrenched in old ways of being and doing- those things had to be shook up first and perhaps even destabilized to an intense degree- before we were ready, willing and able to embrace change.

well we are in the 11th hour of that high-energy frequency. this sunday the 6th of 7 uranus/pluto squares is exact- with the last occurring in march of 2015. these next several months look to be incredibly powerful! for one- the inner planets are all triggering uranus and pluto, which brings this collective energy into our personal experience. mars triggered uranus/pluto november 10th-12th, venus will trigger them on december 20th, mercury will trigger them on december 24th (christmas eve for those who celebrate) and then the sun will trigger them on january 3rd. this makes for a potentially intense, but also deeply transformative, holiday season!

yet the real pivotal point of change and evolution occurs later in january when the nodes of the moon trigger uranus and pluto- forming a T-square of massive proportions. from january 14th through the 31st both the mean nodes and the true nodes will trigger this dynamic duo- with the karmic south node aligning with uranus in aries and pluto squaring uranus and the north and south nodes at the same time. this brings in game-changing energy. this is a time to shit or get off the pot (pardon my french). if we have said we are done with the past and all the old ways of doing and being that no longer serve us but we have yet to really make the necessary changes, this is the time the Universe asks us to step up. there can be collective/global implications of this- but there are also deeply personal ones. and there’s likely to be no stone left unturned in the month of january when it comes to dealing with the karmic patterns of the past and moving into the evolution that is our future!

the 11th hour is a metaphor for the last chance we have to complete something. all of us have experienced uranus square pluto in some way in the last 3 years (even if it’s just by being a human on this planet and watching what is going on around you). if you happen to have planets or angles anywhere from 8 to 16 degrees of aries/cancer/libra/capricorn you have been in the line of transformational fire! yet we all have experienced this frequency because the whole globe is receiving it. if you can look back to what began in 2012 (and even in 2011 when uranus first entered into aries) and then look at where those same situations are today- you can likely see the significant and huge evolutionary trajectory. fukushima is one of the most obvious ones. did you know that uranium and plutonium are two of the most toxic elements involved in the 300-400 tons of radiation that are dumping into the pacific ocean each day? this is uranus square pluto in action! life imitates art (or astrology) in strange and serious ways.

in the 11th hour we are challenged to complete things. we are challenged to step up- particularly if we have been in denial or avoidance, ignoring whatever has been trying to get our attention. if you happen to be a procrastinator- then january is your month to pull an all nighter (or all monther) and cram it all in! if you have been doing your evolutionary work- confronting your shadows and demons, pruning away the toxicity of the past and embracing change- then the T-square with the nodes can be the solidification of the new foundation you have been building yourself for a while now. but if you have not been doing this i recommend you start doing this in the next few weeks- as your participation is required and if you don’t get on board with this then january can be a very intense time for you.

the good news right now is that jupiter in leo dominates much of the sky, because he is the planetary ruler (aka dispositor) of all the sagittarius planets. so we are all gifted with the ability to rise above, see the Bigger Picture and have trust and faith in the outcomes and circumstances appearing in our lives! sadge sees the silver lining and sadge sees the glass as half full. when we are able to see the positive side of things and be grateful for our life experiences- even when they come with intensity- we will attract more positive things and we will experience greater growth. this is something to keep in mind right now- as jupiter in leo is the buoy for our Souls and Spirits. you can choose to wallow in the dark and feel like a victim of life circumstances- or you can become your own agent of change and transformation and become a Lighthouse for others who are finding their way through the dark. of course jupiter stations retrograde TODAY- which can limit the expansion and optimism of jupiter. but this can also help us find balance with jupiter’s trust and faith and the other planets (like saturn and pluto) need for reality and facing what is really going on. ultimately we want to bridge these two worlds: what is possible with what is real, dreams with practicality, shooting for the stars while keep our feet firmly on the ground. so keep this in mind in the coming weeks and months and work towards this integration of opposites (which is what liberation/mastery/enlightenment is all about!).

if this sounds kind of heavy- please try not to take it that way. the Highest expression of uranus is liberation and awakening and the Highest expression of pluto is empowerment and transformation. the opportunities and possibilities for all of the above to happen over the next 6-7 weeks are significant! but because humans tend to be creatures of habit and we tend to seek out safety, security and stability- often at the expense of our own growth- sometimes the Universe (aka our Higher Selves) has to shake things up to wake us up. a good yardstick to measure your progress by is this: the more intensity in your life right, the more your Soul is clamoring for change. if things are peaceful for you right now- good for you! perhaps you are having a reprieve right now and will get a chance to ride the next wave of change. these are the cycles of life: what goes up must come down, what grows must get pruned, what is born must eventually die. when we can embrace these cycles- rather than resist them- then we will be working WITH the natural cycles of evolution. it’s only when we accept what is that we can really start to work on creating change. this is the tipping point at which we move away from being victims of circumstance to becoming masters of all we experience. mastery does not mean we have control over everything- it means we have control over the few things that really matter: ourselves and our reactions or perceptions of what life brings us. attitude is everything!

yours in the transformational fire!

~divine harmony

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