Thursday July 9th 2020

ARIES- week of 9/5-9/11


this week those new seeds you planted at the new moon in your 6th house of service, health and work are being severely tested. are you really ready to grow and make the necessary self-adjustments? are you able to see your own unconscious material and work with it- or does it control you from behind the scenes? mercury makes his last opposition to neptune this week by declination and degree- demanding that we see reality as it is and not delude ourselves any longer. as mercury moves back into virgo and your 6th house you can focus your mind and thoughts on what you are seeding- but there will be tense aspects from saturn and chiron requiring that you really check in and see what is going on behind the scenes- particularly in relationships. both venus and the sun square the nodes this make marking a pivotal point which puts you at a crossroads. you can open up to your Higher self and grow spiritually and intellectually or you can stay stuck in old thought patterns and karmic belief systems that keep you stuck in the past. which will you choose?

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