Sunday July 25th 2021

ARIES- week of 9/21-9/27

at the end of this week the 4th and final total lunar eclipse in a series of 4 is exact- and all week long (and all month long) you have likely been feeling it building. with the eclipse in your sign there is something ending in regards to your own sense of self, identity, the way you put yourself out into the world and the way you engage in relationship. the north node aligned with the sun in your 7th house of partnership is calling you to push past your edge and grow in relationship dynamics in your life. as the sign of the warrior you are used to going it alone and doing your own thing- but at times this can actually be coming from a place of selfishness and fear of intimacy and truly sharing your life. the last two years 4 eclipses have activated your houses of self and other, bringing to an end a whole chapter- perhaps even a whole volume you have written and lived in your life. it’s time to start a new story- yet your capacity to do this is predicated on your ability to see your part in the drama you have played out and your willingness to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you. intense communications midweek (thursday) can really bring the shit and shadow up- but STAY WITH IT. if the only way out is through you have 2 choices- stay stuck here forever or move through the deep stuff that is surfacing so you can get to the other side. on friday your ruler mars squares saturn- reminding you to think before you act and speak. old patterns of bravado and reacting rather than responding can bite you in the arse- so slow down and contemplate your own part in things first so you can respond consciously. a new cycle is seeding in your relationships and it is directly connected to your willingness and ability to rise up and operate from your Higher Self. this is a time of astrological maturity for everyone. it’s time to grow up and be a spiritually mature adult- leaving immature patterns that keep you stuck, angry and fragmented behind. wholeness is where it’s at- and ultimately this is sourced from within. yet because your 7th house is highlighted- your path to wholeness comes through your most challenging relationships. stay with it and see this transformation through!

***due to a small family emergency this past week i may not have the weekly horoscopes for next week written in time before i leave for my vision quest in guatemala on monday the 21st. if this is the case the weekly horoscopes will resume on 10/5. please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. if you want a refund for $2.50 (1/4 of the monthly subscription fee) for the horoscopes i am happy to do so upon my return from guatemala. thank you! ~dh***

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