Thursday July 9th 2020

ARIES- week of 9/19-9/25


this week the sun and mercury move into your opposite sign of libra- putting even more focus on your most significant one-to-one relationships. venus did this last week and saturn has been here for a year now- so this isn’t news per se- but something is being taken to a deeper level a relationship or in your own relationships to yourself. with uranus opposing the sun later this week the balance between independence and commitment, self and other, assertion and compromise can get thrown off. your sign is already very independent and solitary- so your key to evolution and integration is learning how to be in connection without bolting or feeling it is stifling your growth. with the sun in your relationship house and your ruler mars in your romance house- both pointing the ‘finger of god’ to chiron in your house of the unconscious you must look at and heal any wounds or pain you have from the past (childhood, past lives) around union, merging and unconditional Love. you don’t have to lose yourself to be in relationship.

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