Sunday December 8th 2019

ARIES- week of 7/28-8/3

with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener in your sign and trine to black moon lilith this week, you are being asked to tap into deeper aspects of your Spirit, power, intuition and creativity. testing comes in the form of what you are willing to own about yourself. can you see your own shadow? can you take personal responsibility for it? great power comes with great responsibility- so to have one you have to be willing to take on the other. with lots of powerful energy building in your leo house of creativity, passion and self-expression- this week is all about authenticity and originality. with your ruler mars in tense aspect to the whole leo configuration- how you use your power, will and drive will determine the outcome. this is not about bowling people over, but it’s also not about being a doormat. although your sign is typically the least to play the doormat roll- you’d do well to find balance between compromise and conviction. on thursday venus squares uranus from your house of home and family, so upsets in your roots and foundation could be anxiety-producing OR they could create more space and freedom in your life. the sweet Grand Water trine on friday brings deep healing to hearts, emotions, past, present and future. the key to accessing the best of this Grand Trine is to get into your feelings and share from your heart- not just your desires and dreams, but also your fears and anxieties. showing vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and courage! come the weekend communication can get feisty and fiery, so tone things down and think long term consequences and rewards. also be sure you are seeing or saying what is real and True. self-delusion or deception by others can only happen when we allow it. to get to the heart of the matter- you have to look beyond the surface!

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