Monday June 1st 2020

ARIES- week of 7/14-7/20

the planets are picking up speed now, including (and most importantly for you) your ruling planet mars. mars will only be spending a few more weeks in libra- he moves onto fellow mars-ruled sign scorpio on july 25th. this is incredibly meaningful for all of us as mars has been in libra for an extended stay due to his retrograde journey from march to may. if you have not felt up to par and perhaps felt you would take one step forward and then two steps back- you can blame your ruling planet ;) in the next 10 days mars finishes up his journey in libra, so it’s time to tie up all those loose ties in relationship situations. commitments and contracts can be solidified, renewed or released- and new directions can be headed in. this week may be the final crossroads so-to-speak, as the sun and mars (the two masculine planets) square the nodes- bringing you to a pivotal point of choice in your life and most significant relationships. you can keep on doing what you have always done- or you do something new and grow beyond your edges. with the north node in your house of relationship- there’s definitely a lesson right now about how to balance give and take, self and other, independence and interdependence. on friday when the sun squares mars, you can use the energy as motivation to take conscious action- or you can involved in conflicts rather than resolutions. it’s up to you! on the positive side- jupiter moves into leo on wednesday, where he will stay for the coming year bringing you gifts and opportunities to have fun, enjoy life, be romantic and perhaps even give birth to something new (literal or symbolic). then on friday venus moves into cancer and your house of home and family- bringing her sweet energy into your roots, foundation and inner life. the very auspicious venus/jupiter aspect on friday is great for heart-opening, heart-expanding Love. it’s a time to give thanks for what you have got- and to remember to give as good as you get ;) come sunday as saturn stations direct- a slower-moving, heavier energy dominates. the positive side of this is finally getting some forward movement on deep issues- intimate, financial or otherwise- in the coming weeks. the shadow side is you may feel weighed down by what is wrong, rather than what is right. if this is the case- take some time to be alone. this, too, shall pass. just know that the tides are changing and the energy is going to pick up from here on out. this is good news for you particularly- as you like to act and move forward in life, not sit on the sidelines waiting for a sign from the heavens. so use this last bit of slowed-down energy to get very clear on where you are headed. and then get ready, get set…go!

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