Thursday February 27th 2020

ARIES- week of 5/4-5/10

a quieter week is upon us which can give you some space to breathe into the new landscape and territory that the eclipse season and last uranus/pluto square has brought you. on thursday venus moves into the root of your chart- bringing focus to your roots, foundation, home, family and inner life. the coming month of venus’ journey through cancer is a great time to enjoy spending time at home, with family and/or just with yourself. the 4th house is house of renewal and retreat- so if life has been crazy busy of late you can use venus’ transit to reconnect to your Inner Source. all weekend long venus approaches a tense aspect to saturn- which echoes last weekend’s energy when mercury connected in with saturn as well. over the past two weeks both the mind and the heart have been tested against reality. are our thoughts or feelings based on practical, real-life experience? are there areas of life we need to get grounded and real in? with saturn in your 9th house of Higher Self, travel and learning- there could be a push pull energy inside of you between wanting to be at home/turn within and wanting or need exploration, fun and expansion. saturn in the 9th is teaching you lessons about how to find expansion within- rather than thinking you need to chase it without. opportunities to learn new things come by way of your ability to question your mind, realize you do not know everything and also realize that some of the most powerful learning occurs in relationships with others or in regards to your relationship with yourself. sometimes the desire to go place, do things and learn is merely an escape from a deeper part of ourselves that we need to just sit with and open up to. with mercury trine the north node on thursday and square neptune on saturday- you’d do well to pay attention to your thoughts, ideas, intuition and projections. important insights or communications can arise in relationships. both of these aspects will be made two more times due to mercury’s upcoming retrograde journey- so what occurs this week can bring a preview of your focus will be during mercury’s 3 week inward/downward journey. questioning your mind and your thoughts so that you are not over relying on your practical, logical mind at the expense of your heart, Soul and intuition is key. your dreams can be ripe with symbolism and imagery that is just waiting to be deciphered. but you have to think in metaphors- you don’t want to be literal about the dreams or you will miss something important. take time to drop in, attend to your inner experience and really feel your emotions this week. there is much there for you to learn about yourself if you stop doing, doing, doing and can just BE. it can also be deeply nourishing- if you can get over the feeling of being restricted, limited or held back in any way ;) (sometimes the freedom we seek outside of ourselves will never be satisfied until it is found within).

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