Saturday January 16th 2021

ARIES- week of 3/26-4/1


with the recent new moon in your sign and mercury retrograde activating the uranus/pluto square you can consider the month of march the official kick off to the revolution happening in the world and in your personal life.  yes there have been intimations and activations up until now- but this month is about clearly showing you what needs to change and getting you on board with making those changes.  when mercury and mars go direct early to mid-april it will be time to take action- but right now you need to get clear and get your ducks in a row so that come april you won’t be wasting any time on things that should have been dealt with now.  ***what does uranus square pluto mean for you personally?***  uranus is in your sign- radically awakening your life path and purpose in ways you had no idea could possibly happen.  be aware that this energy can be impulsive and aggressive- instead channel the evolutionary, genius vibe into helping you tune into the right moments to take action and when to pause and be patient (not very easy for aries!).  pluto in your 10th house is bringing you face to face with the shadow in regards to your career and public persona.  your life path is altering tremendously and you can either align with those in power who want to control or those who rebel and demand their freedom.  which will you choose?  this energy will be felt in all aspects of your life- personal, public, home life, career life and relationships.  wherever things are out of integrity you can know that uranus/pluto will activate them.  breakdowns precede breakthroughs- and if you initiate them (conscious destruction/release of the past) you will get to the expanded and exciting future that much quicker.

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