Saturday December 14th 2019

ARIES- week of 3/12-18


radical change, shift of perception and revelations of Truth are set to infuse your entire life.  with mercury stationing retrograde in your sign on monday, it is time to rethink, review and revise mental patterns, habits of thought and limitations of your mind- so that you can blow them out of the water and release them for good.  this is a 3 week journey of inner activation you are on- so right now is not the time to firm things up/get them concrete, it is a time of breaking things down and letting them go, so that something new can come into being.  in the midst of all the change- the jupiter/pluto trine activates your earth houses- bringing you really positive growth and opportunity in regards to money, career and the work you do in the world!  with venus and your ruler mars (the rulers of your house of Other and house of Self) involved this potent opportunity extends to your significant relationships as well.  it’s time to ground, commit and open up to the abundance heading your way!  finding a balance between being in the storm (your ruler mars being retrograde, mercury retrograde and uranus in your sign) and finding your center in it (earth grand trine in your earth houses) is key.  stay open and stay grounded.

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