Friday March 5th 2021

ARIES- week of 12/14-12/20

the week starts off with a focus on work, career and your life purpose. as mercury links up with saturn and neptune you are being asked to weigh your dreams up against reality and figure out what needs to be done to materialize them OR face the fact that some of them need to be let go of. with venus in your house of intimacy and shadow dancing linking up with uranus and pluto midweek (thursday and friday)- you want to stay open to seeing yourself, your path and/or others in a new Light (of course start with yourself first though- as once you see yourself differently everything else around you will look differently too). with the sun squares the nodes on friday you are challenged to raise your frequency and open your mind- without loosing touch with reality. the north node in your 6th house is all about showing up to do the work- so this week is a great time to get super clear on the details and step by step things you must do to manifest your Highest visions. on saturday mercury aligns with pluto in your career house and the next day he squares uranus in your sign- bringing an unsettling energy into communications but also perhaps bringing some sudden insights or information to Light that is key for you to be aware of. steer clear of power/control dynamics with others and instead focus on coming from an empowered place. this does not mean always winning or always being right. it means you are owning your shadow AND your Light and you are making decisions from a place of awareness of both in your life. sunday is the deepest darkest day in the northern hemisphere. take time out of your busy life to turn within, sit in silence and listen to that still small voice within you that has something important to say to you about your career, life purpose and calling and where your path is headed soon!

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